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Author's profile photo Ashwani Kumar Sharma

Sap Document Center goes advanced !

SAP Document Center is succeeded by SAP Cloud Platform Document Management Service. Refer to this link for more details.


SAP Document Center started as file sync and share software and gradually has evolved into strong document management software to manage and mobilize business documents. For these new business use cases, a new Document Center web interface is developed that provides

  • Management and access of documents for CMIS compliant ECMs like MS SharePoint, Alfresco and non CMIS ECMs like SAP DMS, SAP KM etc.
  • Better integration for SAP DMS (A successor for Easy Document Management desktop clients)
    • Better versioning flow
    • Personalization
    • Advanced Search
    • Create Favourites
  • SAP Fiori based Web App

The new advanced Web App for SAP Document Center is available as beta from July 2018. You can try out the new SAP Document Center by following steps below.

Try out new SAP Document Center (Beta) Fiori App

1. Enabling beta flag on sub-account

You must enable beta flag on the sub account where you want to try out the beta features. To enable beta flag, refer to following help documentation –


Note – Please don’t enable beta feature on your productive account. It is recommended to create a separate sub-account or use the trial system

2. Start SAP Document Center Service

  1. Open SAP Cloud Platform cockpit page
  2. Open the Servicespane and enter query string SAP Document Center in the search field. Click the SAP Document Center tile to enter the admin page.
  3. Press the Enable button

3. Adding SAP Document Center App to Fiori launchpad

Please follow steps below to enable Portal service and adding SAP Document Center App.

a) Enable Portal Service and create a Launchpad site – Refer to relevant steps here –

b) Click on App Resources and you should see the subscribed app ‘sdc’. Choose “Add to Site” action to add the app to the site.

c) Go to Apps tab and name the tile of the App as “Documents”

d) In the Apps tab for Documents app, choose visualisation as “Static App Launcher”. You can also choose an icon for the app tile.

e) Create a new Catalogs by name “SAP Document Management”. In the Catalog, under Apps assign the “Documents” app and under Roles assign the “Everyone” role.

f) Create a new Group by name “SAP Document Management”. In the Groups, under Apps assign the “Documents” app and under Roles assign the “Everyone” role.

To learn more about Catalogs and Groups, refer to following help documentation:

g) Publish the launchpad site.

You are now ready to try out new SAP Document Center App. Launch the launchpad site you just created and launch the “Documents” app.

The new App starts with a Dashboard view where you can see all document repositories, your favourite folder and documents etc.

Trying out Advanced SAP Document Center and SAP DMS Integration

To try latest SAP DMS and SAP Document Center integration, you must have following:

  1. SAP Document Center (Beta) Fiori App. Steps for enabling the same are explained above.
  2. Latest SAP DMS CMIS Connector – It is part of S4HANA 1709 FPS02.

To configure SAP DMS repositories which please check following blogs –

  1. Preparing SAP DMS for connecting to SAP Document Center
  2. Connecting SAP DMS to SAP Document Center

If you face any issue, please comment it on the blog or ask it as question in community and tag it with 'SAP Document Center'.

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      Author's profile photo Martin Karl
      Martin Karl

      Hello Ashwani,

      thanks a lot for the description. I cannot access the link you mentioned in step 1 to enable the beta flag on the subaccount (... 403 unauthorized ...). Can you check the link or provide any further detailed information?

      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo Ashwani Kumar Sharma
      Ashwani Kumar Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Martin. Thanks for noticing. The link is fixed now.

      Best Regards, Ashwani Kr Sharma

      Author's profile photo Yulia Sidorova
      Yulia Sidorova

      Hi Ashwani!


      I added the app as described but it shows nothing. Do you know what might be wrong?


      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Asma Siddiqa
      Asma Siddiqa

      Hello Yulia,

      This version is now not available.

      There is a new service now launched on Cloud Foundry called “SAP Cloud Platform Document Management” which is the successor to this solution.

      You could take a look at this link for more details ->




      Author's profile photo Yulia Sidorova
      Yulia Sidorova

      Thanks a lot, Asma!

      Author's profile photo Filip Szafarz
      Filip Szafarz

      Unfortunately this new version "SAP Cloud Platform Document Management" does not have offline capability. The client interface is online Fiori app. Document Center and previously Mobile Docs were having native iOS app with full offline capability.

      Author's profile photo Asma Siddiqa
      Asma Siddiqa

      Hello Filip,

      We are planning to also bring the offline capabilities with the corresponding mobile Apps for Document Management on CF. This is on the roadmap planned for 2021.

      Also, please follow the Jam page and you could post your questions there and also take a look at the roadmap explorer for this service.



      Author's profile photo Krzysztof Skonieczny
      Krzysztof Skonieczny

      Hi Asma Siddiqa

      We are also very interested to learn about the plans to bring the offline capabilities to the mobile app for Document Management.

      Can you please share in this tread if the offline capability is still in the pipeline or has already been implemented? Considering that we're well into 2021 already, I would hope for the latter of course.

      Unfortunately in the "What's new for the Document Management" section I could not find the offline capability as of today, but maybe I searched wrong (?).

      By the way: Unfortunately the link to the Jam page you shared is for SAP employees only (I just requested access and got a rejection). So it is not really usable for people who do not have a * email address.

      Thank you in advance for your response


      Author's profile photo David Weeda
      David Weeda

      Hello Ashwani,

      Is there any intention to enable the use of SAP Cloud Platform Document Management by SAP SuccessFactors?

      Author's profile photo Asma Siddiqa
      Asma Siddiqa

      Hello David,

      There have been some initial discussions around integrating Document management with Success factors, but these were in the initial phases and not yet conceptualized due to missing use cases.

      if there are business use cases for this integration, then please do connect with me on or connect with the Success factors product management and we can take a look at this.