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SAP CPI: Externalizing a parameter in content modifier from Web GUI

In this blog we are going to discuss about how to externalize a parameter in a content modifier and then using it any script (we will groovy script for explaining).

Externalizing a parameter in eclipse was pretty easy, just need to define an external parameter in the content modifier palette as shown in below fig:



But from Web GUI, external parameter type is greyed out because of which it becomes little tricky to define one.




Instead of using an external parameter type, use either “Constant” or “Expression” type within content modifier.
And in the value column, define the external parameter.



You will find the declared externalized variable in the configure section as well.



Once you have externalized, you can refer the same within the groovy script just as a normal property variable.



Hope this helps…!!!

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  • Kinda makes sense not to have a dedicated external parameter as type. However, would've been nice to have some indication how to workaround within Web UI.


    Thanks for sharing and thanks to Google for bringing this up as the first hit 🙂