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SAP Cloud for Customer – Gmail Server-Side Integration

This post provides insights into the C4C Server-Side Integration with Gmail. This integration will synchronize your information at server level without the need for client add in. This post is not to replace the official documentation but to provide additional information around specific use cases.

Pre-Requisites to enable this feature:

  1. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, Enterprise Edition.
  2. User should have a unique email ID associated to their C4C user across ALL tenants (incl dev & test) which are connected to the mail server

Administrator Settings:

Please review the official documentation from C4C Administration guide and ensure you have finished all the steps:

Note: As an administrator, you can now automatically push the extension for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, server-side integration for Gmail to all users by following the instructions:

Instructions to Push Chrome extension via group policy or master preferences

Some additional information about configuring a profile with screenshots below. Default profiles are delivered but you can copy and configure your own profile.

    • You can configure and customize the fields that you want your users to see in their C4C Side pane in Gmail. Following is an example of customizing the “Contact” information.
    • Navigate to Email Integration -> Groupware Settings -> Profiles. Open your profile and switch to “Add-In Settings” tab. There are 3 tabs Detailed View, Basic View & Settings.
         Detailed View                 Basic View                    Settings

(1) You can choose the list of all the fields that you want your users to see when they click are looking at the detailed view of their contact in the C4C side pane.

(2) You can add additional fields including extension fields.

(3) You also have an option to make some fields “Read Only” or “Required”. 

You can configure the fields that your users will see in the “Basic view” when viewing the contact details from the C4C Side pane. From Settings, you can configure how do you want the contacts to be sorted and keywords to be used while searching for the contact from C4C Side pane.

User Settings:

Please review the official documentation and ensure you have finished all the steps:

Once your user is provisioned by administrator you will get a welcome email

You can now login to C4C and navigate to Email Integration -> User Settings

  1. Step 1 – Sync Google data with SAP
  2. Step 2 – Configure the google chrome extension


To review your profile and make any changes, you can navigate to User Settings workcenter view, Go to Sync Settings -> Detailed Settings. Click on “Customize”.

    • Under Profile Settings, Check “Sync Settings”
    • Customize your settings if you would like to turn ON reminders for Appointments and Tasks in your Gmail.
    • Check each object like Account, Contacts, Opportunities, Appointments, Visits etc to see which data you want to sync between Google and SAP.

Auto Share Email Setting: Auto Share email will enable auto sync of emails directly to C4C. Whenever you receive an email from a C4C contact then it will be automatically synced to C4C. If you would like to turn on this setting then please contact your C4C administrator.

Configure Chrome Extension

  1. If you have installed the chrome extension by yourself then configure the extension by providing the C4C Tenant URL and click “Apply”.

2.  In your Gmail client, open the C4C side pane and click “Grant access to my google account”

Create Appointments from Google Calendar:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Select a time slot and choose the Calendar type “SAP Hybris Appointments”
  3. Click “More Options”
  4. Add the Subject and Guests
  5. Click Save and Send

Example: An appointment is created by Diane Lacey from her Google calendar. She has invited John Middleton as a guest.


Now, when the appointment gets synced to C4C the following party roles are determined on the Appointment.

          Owner/Organizer – Diane Lacey

          Attendees – John Middleton

          Account – Linkify (this is the account John Middleton belongs to)

          Primary Contact – John Middleton

C4C Appointment Involved Parties:

 Additional Features:

  1. In Google Calendar, Open an SAP Hybris appointment and in the C4C Side pane, search for an account, contact or an individual customer and save the appointment to any object.
  2. Click “Save Appointment or Visit”.
  3. The association between the appointment and the selected business partner will be established.

Create Appointments from C4C Side Pane:

  1. Open the C4C Side pane in Gmail
  2. Click on the “+” action and choose “Appointment”
  3. Enter all the details and choose the Account and Involved parties
  4. Click Save

Create Tasks from Gmail:

  1. Click on Gmail -> Tasks
  2. Choose the SAP Hybris Tasks list
  3. You will be able to see list of your open and closed tasks. You can choose filters in the Actions menu to filter the task list.
  4. Click on “+” to Add a new task
  5. Click on the arrow to Edit the task and update the Due date.
  6. Other actions include the ability to Email or Print your task list.

Associate an email to an Account or Contact:

  1. Open the C4C side panel in Gmail
  2. Open an email
  3. If the email is from a C4C contact then the Contact details should be loaded in the side pane.
  4. Choose the contact in the side pane and click “Save this E-mail”
  5. There is no drag and drop email functionality in Gmail.

Contacts Search in social media platforms:

When you click on the Facebook or LinkedIn icons on the contact pane, you will be redirected to the respective social media website with an automatic search being triggered with the contact name. Please note that there is no write back and the social media profile is not automatically linked back to the C4C contact.


  1. Multiple Prod tenants can be connected to a single Server given that the users email address is unique across all tenants
  2. If you open an email thread, the contacts from the last opened email will be searched in side pane.
  3. Tasks created from Gmail does not allow to add participants meaning you cannot create tasks for others.
  4. No support for recurring appointments
  5. You cannot drag and drop an Email to C4C side pane
  6. If there are Sync Issues – You can manually trigger force sync from C4C Email Integration -> User Settings workcenter.

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      Author's profile photo Grayson Gates
      Grayson Gates

      Hi Usha,

      This is great!! Thanks for sharing.



      Author's profile photo Ankan Banerjee
      Ankan Banerjee

      Great summary!

      Author's profile photo Luis Hernandez
      Luis Hernandez

      Hi Usha. Thanks for this information


      I got a question: where exactly can i find "Navigate to Email Integration -> Groupware Settings -> Profiles"?

      I´m on administrator>General settings>Groupware add-in settings" but only can see Microsoft Outlook profle.


      I´ve tried also to search it into the access rights as an non-assigned work center but can´t find it.


      Is there any configuration or scope missing?



      Author's profile photo Ankan Banerjee
      Ankan Banerjee

      You won't see the workcenter unless your tenant has the proper licensing for server-side integration (Gmail/Outlook)

      Author's profile photo Hazel snow
      Hazel snow

      Installation of the plugin is pretty easy. One cool feature that I didn’t see in the help documentation is that you can show extension fields in the add-on. Simply extend the extension field for the c4codata OData Service and it will be available in the add-on settings. visit Gmail password recovery for Gmail account issues.

      Author's profile photo Maelle Redondo
      Maelle Redondo

      Hello, thanks for sharing this information.

      I have a question : how can we deactivate "account" to prevent user from creating accounts with Gmail ? I unchecked box "allow creaté" in Account settings but it does not work.

      Thank you.