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What Are the Multirole Benefits of SAP HANA That You Should Never Forget?

On one hand, where the IT market is getting revolutionized day by day, the technology is also getting updated with new and competing upgrades. And when it comes to handling a huge database, there are numerous database management system introduced by numerous tech giants. In the recent past, the SAP HANA has been released to enhance the opportunities of running your business on best and most useful data from the database.

So before moving ahead, most of you would be surfing about the basic information of HANA.

The SAP HANA is considered to have numerous traits that are even called as its superpowers. So, what are the superpowers that can bless the business with unmatched database management traits? Here is the list.

  • All in One Platform
  • Geo-Spatial
  • Data Security
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Machine Learning

All in One Platform: There are numerous business data platforms available in the market that claims to offer you versatile data processing capability. But SAP HANA is one and only business data platform that is built for the intelligent enterprise. This platform has introduced the blend of OLTP and OLAP that results in the scope of hybrid transactions processing for entire transactions

Geo-Spatial: There are companies that focus to increase their ROI by decreasing their data processing cost. For such tech giants, it’s easy to use SAP HANA that has proved to show huge ROI through this database management system. The geospatial capability of this tool makes it the best real-time business support platform, reducing data redundancy issues.

Data Security: When it comes to huge data processing, data security is always a major concern. With the same motto, the SAP HANA is provided with extensive security that makes it more secure for the business to handle their customer data and makes its best use. HANA provides real-time data anonymization that makes it even more secure to manage a database with high-security level.

Multi-Cloud: With different business comes different cloud platform that was not capable to work on a single platform. SAP HANA has become the only business tool to offer hybrid and multi-cloud data platform. So, with this platform, you are no more required to depend on different working environments, as it provides a complete customization and compatible systems that can be easily used with different cloud data platforms.

Machine Learning: The most vital change in the IT industry is the evolution of machine learning. Working on a similar note, SAP HANA has also been provided with the smart learning process that increases the real-time business processing capabilities for the companies.

Professional Employer Organization like NH global partners has even made it convenient for the volunteers to start their business in China and use real-time business processing tools to grow their business.

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      Author's profile photo Swapna Jain
      Swapna Jain

      nicely written.

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      Lars Breddemann

      Sorry, but,  what?

      I haven't read so much marketing blubber-di-dubber, wishy-washy, hollow-talk in a long time.
      Not even from our very own copywriters.

      Looking at some of the sentences I'm not even sure that this wasn't written by a bot as it shows no feel for language, rhythm, grammar or syntax.

      This is not at all "nicely written" and should be removed from this platform.

      Author's profile photo Malini Somra
      Malini Somra
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for your feedback, I hope your tough words will encourage me to write something better next time.