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Author's profile photo Srinivasa Rao Sirasapalli

Transport Management in SAP C4C

Transport Management with in the SAP cloud solutions has been one of the pain point during implementations. Though solution profile copy is provided by SAP to move the business configuration across tenants for C4C implementations, it doesn’t provide uniform approach for other objects like page layouts, extension fields business roles, form templates etc., Implementation partners/System integrators are often facing challenges to move the implementation content and developments across tenants within the project environment. This has been addressed by SAP by providing transport management capability where in admins are now able to create transport requests that allows movement of development objects and application specific content between tenants. Though it is not exhaustive solution that supports all objects currently, we can expect the same in future releases.

Transport Management was introduced in C4C in 1805 release as Beta version and as of 1808, below objects are supported for Transport Management.

  • Adaptation changes
  • Local Form Templates
  • Language Adaptations
  • Business roles
  • Add-on solutions – currently Beta version is available and this will be available in the next release. Some of the important considerations are given below
    • Solutions which are assembled in advance in the Cloud Applications Studio are available for selection.
    • Users with PDI developer role are only allowed to activate and transport add-on solutions.
    • The Add-on solution in the target system must be on a lower version than the Add-on solution in the source system

Below table provides some of the inclusions/exclusions.

Transport Object Inclusions/Exclusions
01 – Adaptation changes

Below subtypes are supported

·         101 = Extension Fields

·         102 = Layout Changes

·         103 = Page Layouts

·         104 = Instance Types

·         105 = Code List Restrictions

·         106 = Analytical Content

·         107 = UI Components

06 – Business Roles

Exceptions: Below data is not supported as of now

·         UI Switches

·         Extension Field Restrictions

·         Notes History

·         Responsible Identity

·         Restriction rule 99

·         User Assignment


Steps for Transport Management

1.      Create Transport Route

Select Create Transport Route under Service Control Center. By default, system will take the login system as the source and select the target system to create the Transport Route.


2.      View Transport Routes

Click on the System ID to view the existing transport routes for the system. If the selected system is currently logged on system then all the systems connected to the system are displayed.

3.      Create Transport Request

The path to create transport request is Administrator>Transport Management


Select NEW to create Transport Request as shown below

Select Transport objects

Add selected/All transport objects from available list


Select Target Systems


Perform Assemble and Release actions for TR

Actions> Assemble to trigger a background job and collect all the active objects and package it in the transport request. The status of TR changes from NEW to ASSEMBLED.

Actions> Release to trigger the transfer of the transport request to the target system. Here the status changes from ASSEMBLED to IMPORTED


4.      Activate the TRs in the target tenant

Log on to the target system as an administrator. Find and open the transport request that you previously created (in the source tenant) under Transport Requests Ready for Activation.

Select the TRs and Click Activate under Actions. This triggers the deployment of the changes in the target system in a background job. The Transport Status now changes to Activated.


5.      Check the logs under Transport Logs under TR

Finally check the TR status and transport logs to see the Log Item Severity and the Log Messages. The Transport Content tab displays the zipped content of all transported changes.


For your quick reference, statuses of Transport Requests are given below

Status values for local Transport Requests Status values for Transport Requests that are not local (Target System)

New – Indicates a new transport request (target systems and transport objects may have already been assigned, but the assembly has not yet started)

Assembly Started – Indicates that the assembly process has started and is currently running as a background job

Assembled – Indicates that the content of the assigned transport objects is collected and packaged in the transport object

Assembly failed – Indicates that an error occurred during the assembly process. The transport log lists the details of the error.

Released – No further changes can be made to this transport. Transport is released to a target system. However, you can still add additional target systems and the assembled content is sent to those systems as well.

Assembled with Warnings – Indicates that only some of the assigned transport objects were successfully assembled. The transport log lists the details

Imported – Indicates that the transport request is received from the source system and is created in the target system


Activation Started – Indicates that the activation process has started and is currently running as a background job


Activation Failed – Indicates that an error occurred during the activation process. The transport log lists the details of the error.


Partially Active – Indicates that only some of the assigned transport objects were successfully. The transport log lists the details.


Activated – Indicates that the activation is successful.

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      Author's profile photo Gaurav Loknath Gera
      Gaurav Loknath Gera

      Thanks Srinivasa for the great blog!


      Author's profile photo Dhruvin Mehta
      Dhruvin Mehta

      Okay , I dont get one thing.

      Transport request doesnt ask me if I do some changes then to capture it in transport ( typically in onPrem ) ?

      Author's profile photo Jayant Saini
      Jayant Saini

      Great blog Srini.

      Author's profile photo Vignesh Karuppasamy
      Vignesh Karuppasamy

      Hi Srinivasa,


      Thank you for the great blog..!

      How can I transport the changes for already transferred object?  for eg: Consider the Business Role “ABC” is transported from Dev to Q. I did few more restriction changes in this Business role, I would like to move this restriction changes to Q tenant.

      If i create a new transport request and try to move the whole business Role again, then i am getting error saying that the “Activation Not possible as the Business Role ABC is already exits in the system”.

      Please let me know if there a way to transport the changes.


      Thank you..!

      Vignesh Karuppasamy

      Author's profile photo Scott Wells
      Scott Wells

      Hey Vignesh

      Did you get an answer on this?

      We did our first transports of some changes to an already existing business role and got the same error. Seemed to work for any new roles, just not changes to existing.


      Scott Wells

      Author's profile photo Vignesh Karuppasamy
      Vignesh Karuppasamy

      Hi Scott,


      Since we were not having employees assigned at that time, i just deleted the existing roles in Q - tenant and re-imported the complete set again.

      If we get some answer for update the changes, then that will be helpful


      Thank you...!

      Vignesh K

      Author's profile photo Scott Wells
      Scott Wells

      Thanks Vignesh

      I had opened an Incident with SAP - they have committed to getting back to me next week.  I'll post the findings once I get them.




      Author's profile photo Saima Shah
      Saima Shah

      Hi Scott, Did you get an update on transport of Business Role changes?

      Author's profile photo Vignesh Karuppasamy
      Vignesh Karuppasamy

      Dear Srinivas,

      when we try to move the Business Role from Q to P, the Activation is getting failed.

      Assemble is successful and Release of transport is also successful in Q tenant , when i try to Activate the transport in P it is failing with error "Failed to activate transport object type 06-Business Roles".

      Kindly advice..


      Thank you..!

      Vignesh K


      Author's profile photo Vignesh Karuppasamy
      Vignesh Karuppasamy

      The issue is identified. It was due to the custom developed workcentres assigned in the business role. Since the target is a new system , we are not having those view available, as the reason the activation of transport in target system was failing.


      Thank you…!

      Author's profile photo Jagrit Goyal
      Jagrit Goyal

      Great Read,


      Very Informative.


      Thanks Srinivasa Sirasapalli


      Author's profile photo Renato Palet
      Renato Palet

      Great Post!


      Thanks for this!!!

      Author's profile photo Jens Niemeyer
      Jens Niemeyer


      how can I specify, which Pagelayouts/Masterlayout I want to transport?

      Is there a way to do a "backup" before I apply all the changes (for the layouts)



      Author's profile photo Shankar Raj
      Shankar Raj

      hi Srinivas and all,

      This is a great blog, thanks


      I do have one question, it was fairly simple and easy to import/export a master layout from one tenant to another in the HTML5. With the 1911 I was wondering what happened to this functionality and that lead me to tumble into this blog


      I understand that this is now available through the transport management. However, when i select an adaptation object , the only sub type i see is the UI component , I'm not seeing any of these


      ·         101 = Extension Fields

      ·         102 = Layout Changes

      ·         103 = Page Layouts

      ·         104 = Instance Types

      ·         105 = Code List Restrictions

      ·         106 = Analytical Content


      Is there something i'm missing ? Please let  me know ASAP , thanks



      Shankar Raj

      Author's profile photo VISHWA BETHANABOTLA

      Hi Srinivas,


      We need to change transport route for one of the systems, and we dont see a change option to do it. Is it not possible to change a transport route once created? Please advise.

      Author's profile photo DOUGLAS GRAEPP

      Thanks Srinivasa for the blog. It is very good. I have a additional question: When we talk about creating something come to my mind how to delete. I was looking on my C4C tenant and did not find a way to delete a transport route. Can you help with this information?


      Thanks, and best regards.