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Idea-Drop: Have you automated turning it off and on again? #sfw5

[#meta: I’m missing a place here, where I can quickly drop an idea or a thought. I initially thought of making this a CoffeCorner discussion, but then went for the blog-option. Do let me know your thoughts on that as well!]

Thinking out loud: It would be nice to have a “SFW5 – switch-switcher“,  quickly outline now:

Assume I have a few addons, that are part of packages, which are assigned to switches (SFW1), which are assigned to Business Functions (SFW5).

Let’s call them

  • Y_addon_1
  • Y_addon_2
  • Y_addon_3
  • Y_addon_n


We can assume the naming package = switch  = business function for simplicity. Oh, and the Business Functions are set to be reversible!

Now I would like to have a report (or something) that does the following:

  1. Take the first addone, got to sfw5
  2. (assuming it is turned on:) turn it off, activate (the de-activation :-)).
  3. Wait for (de)activation to finish.
  4. do [some Tests]
  5. go back to sfw5 and turn it on again.
  6. [maybe run another test]
  7. repeat with the next Business Function.

The [some Tests] part could be running eCatts, or just calling some business transactions (e.g. VA01, LT12..) -> see if they compile all right, or if they dump with a Syntax error.


The reason I want to do this, is testing/finding errors.

When writing the addon, I might have accidentally assigned some objects to another package -> so when switching off, some objects might stay on, causing syntax (or semantical?) errors – I’d like to find those.


Further uses might be to not only turn off-and on one by one, but also test if combinations still work fine. (There are 2^n possible combinations, where n is the number of Business-Functions).

We probably also should remember the initial switch-state (what is on, what is off), and anways be able to return to that.


So, some Questions:

  • Does such a thing already exist maybe?
  • …or parts of it? Is there an interface (e.g. a class), to SFW5, which I can use in ABAP (or elsewhere e.g. SCP).
  • – would you see use for such a tool in your work?
  • – would a good package structure (se21) including enforcement via Package Checks make it superfluous? (I’m sure it would help to not accidently assigning something to a wrong package; but the tool might still be helpful for finding bugs in different switch constellations).


let me know your thoughts!


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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Well I sure have assigned objects to the wrong package before.  That would be a nice help.   It would also help if you are working with "OSS" - whatever they are called now, and they want all your enhancements switched off.  Now they may not believe all your custom code is off..  But it's worth a try.

      Testing - automating any testing is a good thing.

      Now does it exist?  If it does I wish someone would comment.