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Converting DMEE formats into DMEEX and Manage Payment Formats

SAP offers three different apps made for payment file mapping, DMEE on older SAP ERP releases, DMEEX on SAP S/4HANA and Fiori Manage Payment Formats app on SAP S/4HANA Cloud. All those apps’ purpose is to manage your payment formats.

In order to use one app’s format tree in another app, a conversion of the format tree is required. In this article, I will explain how to convert trees from DMEE into DMEEX and from DMEEX into Fiori Manage Payment Formats app.



Let’s start with the DMEE to DMEEX conversion. I will demonstrate all steps needed to take in order to open a DMEE format tree in the DMEEX transaction starting with importing the payment format structure into DMEE.

First, open the DMEE transaction. Define a tree type name the tree in the Format Tree field. To import the tree, click ‘More’ in the top menu, select Format Tree and select the ‘Upload XML File’ option.

Click Save in the right bottom corner, then click on the Activate button in the top left corner. Then open the same tree in the DMEEX transaction. But beware, after opening the tree in DMEEX, the tree will no longer be accessible via the DMEE transaction.

After the tree opens, click check in the top menu. After clicking the ‘Check’ button, errors may appear due to incompatibility.

You must remove those errors in a way that upon using the tree would act in the same way as in the DMEE transaction.

After modifying the tree into a correct format, click ‘Activate’ in the top menu to activate the tree.
The tree is now active and you can use it within the DMEEX transaction.

Watch the video below demonstrating the whole process. 

DMEEX to Map Payment Format Data (formerly Manage Payment Formats)


Now, let’s move onto the DMEEX to Map Payment Format Data conversion.

First, run the DMEEX transaction. Fill out the tree type and the Format Tree name field, then click the on the Change button.

In the administrative data tab of the tree properties, check the ‘Fiori Extensible’ option.
Before checking the ‘Fiori Extensible’ option, make sure there are no user exits used since they are not supported by Fiori.

Activate the tree from the top menu then go back to the initial screen of DMEEX.

Then click on the Download XML file in the top menu and save the file into your computer.

Now open the Fiori Map Payment Format Data app.
In the Payment Formats list, find an XX_Empty_XML_File format, which is a base template format for XML files.

Since the tree ID of the imported tree must correspond with the one into which you are importing the tree, you must rename the tree ID in your XML file to XX_Empty_XML_File. Read more about the empty formats here.

After saving the file, import it into Map Payment Format Data by clicking on the Import button in the top menu.

Then display the tree and simply activate it by clicking the Activate button in the bottom menu.
You have now successfully imported a DMEEX tree into Map Payment Format Data.

Watch the video below demonstrating the whole process. 


Note: The possibility to make the tree Fiori Compatible is only present in the DMEEX transaction which is only available on SAP S/4HANA 1709 On-Premise release and newer.


Learn more about DMEE, DMEEX and Map Payment Format Data.

Read more articles about Payment Formats here.


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      Author's profile photo Deloitte team
      Deloitte team

      Hi Jakub,

      Thanks for sharing this great article. We are trying to do a system conversion to migrate from SAP ECC to S/4HANA 2020 or 20201. We wish to convert and continue using DMEE and also wish to avoid upload / download of DMEE tree and conversion to DMEEX. I have searched through multiple OSS notes but have not found any clear understanding on the following:

      1. Whether continued use of DMEE is an option after upgrading to S/4HANA
      2. Whether DMEE tree as-is will be converted automatically during the system conversion and can be activated without any issues Or
      3. Is the Download/Upload using XML the only option to move DMEE tree from ECC to S/4HANA

      I realize that the blog is older and not sure if this is still on your radar. It would be nice if you could clarify though.


      Sharad VImadalal

      Author's profile photo Richard Kuba
      Richard Kuba


      1. Yes, you can continue using DMEE. However, SAP recommends to migrate your format trees after upgrade to SAP S/4HANA. With DMEEX you will receive updates of SAP format tree templates (like CGI and country versions) and you can leverage new features of DMEEX.
      2. No, conversion has to be manually triggered by the user. If you open your "old" DMEE tree in DMEEX a pop-up will appear informing you about the migration. If you confirm, the tree will be migrated. Also a recommendation to migrate will appear in "old" DMEE for the format trees of type "PAYM"
      3. No, if the tree exists in the system, you can use the approach from point "2".

      Let me know, if I can provide any further help.

      Best regards,