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SAP HANA System Copy- Homogeneous On Multi Tenant Database – Refresh using SWPM

Friends, As explained on my last blog SAP HANA System Copy- Homogeneous On Multi Tenant Database that we have 3 Ways to do System Copy and i explain 2 Ways 1 and 3 according to the note -1844468 – Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA, and i promised to add 2nd way as well , So below is the 2nd way to do system copy , For Pre checks and preparation please read the 1st blog ,

So Now run the SWPM on Your PAS.

Here Select the option Start Migration/Restore Manually .

I have done system copy on SCM/APO system so i have installed integrated Live Cache

Now We need to do Restore using HANA Stuido , Stop the tenant database if it is running and perform the restore .


I used without backup catalog , if you want to select backup from the catalog you can select that option ,

Now My restore has completed ,

Move the SWPM now to complete the refresh ,

This Complete our System Copy on Tenant Database Using refresh ,

Perform the post refresh steps as per the Note-1844468 – Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA and Read the 1st blog for more details ,

Please let me know your Feedback and Suggestions to add more Value ,




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  • Excuse me, but as I knew and as is written in note 1844468 (Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA) in case of refresh of an already existing SAP System you have to choose “Database Refresh or Move” and not “Standard System” like your screenshot. Why have you chosen it ?

    • Don't worry for being late. Yes, but with "refresh or move" you have to insert less data in SWPM because it reads them directly from conf file like sapservices, etc. But yes, they both works 🙂


  • Hello Marco

    Thanks,  its added More Value on this Blog,  Appreciate your input , Whenever is will use this next time , i will add this on  Blog ,