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Changing Cost Center (Distribution Rule) after posting the Marketing Documents in SAP Business One 9.2

Case Study

In our company, we have a headquarter in different provinces in France, and about 20 branches in it, all of these entities working on the same company database using SAP Business One, to control the revenues and costs of each entity, we implemented the Cost Center concept in SAP, but regarding the work volume, we should force the accountants to define the cost center in each single posted transaction,

Before forcing the accountants to post the cost center with each transaction, some of our accountants posted A/R Invoices without define the related Cost Center, how to solve this issue, (define cost center for the invoices)? And is it possible to be solved?!


In SAP Business One 9.2, any posted Marketing transaction can’t be edited or changed, especially for the Cost Center, even the document’s status is Opened or Closed,

According to that and for example, for the A/R Invoices, they are stored in two tables OINV and INV1, and their journal entries storing in OJDT and JDT1,

It’s not possible to edit the cost center in the A/R Invoice, according to that if we didn’t post the cost centers in the first time, it won’t be stored in the A/R Invoices tables (OINV, INV1)

But it’s possible to edit the Cost Centers in the A/R Invoice’s Journal Entry, the changes will be stored in Journal Entry’s tables (OJDT, JDT1),

To edit the cost centers in the journal entries, we should open the required account statement and open the invoice’s journal entry then make the required changes,

but if we posted the invoice then opened its journal entry it’s not possible to edit the journal entry at that moment, we should close the invoice and JE, then open it again, it doesn’t matter from where (from the account statement, or from by returning to the posted JE)

When opening the changes via Query to both Invoices tables and JE tables,

For the A/R Invoice,

for the JE,


hope this helps,

for your inquiries and suggestions, please feel free to reach me out,


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