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A/R Delivery (Editing – Changing) abilities in SAP Business One 9.2

Sales – A/R

A/R – Delivery

Starting Status before posting: Open

Required Fields:

  • Customer Code and Name,
  • Date,
  • Item Code,
  • Cost Center (Distribution Rule),
  • UoM Code,
  • Warehouse,

In normal cases we’re starting from Sales Order and copying the fields to the Delivery document,

After posting the document, its status still Open

Editable fields after posting; No fields editable except Delivery Date and Document Date,

in this step, the Customer Code and Name, Posting Date, and Status are Grayed,

the Delivery Date, and Document Date in the document header, and the Item Code and all other fields in the document body still in their origin status, White fields,

After copying this document to an A/R Invoice, the document status changes to Closed, in this case, we can’t edit any field except the Document Date,

According to the authorities, after posting we still have the ability to Duplicate and Cancel the document,

We can check the relationship between the documents via see the relationship map as follows;

The Remarks for the Delivery and its journal entry, have the ability to edit them at any time, after posting and closing the document,


Hope this helps,

for your inquiries and suggestions, please feel free to reach me out,


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