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Consuming ODATA service in BODS

Business Scenario :

To extract ECC data which is in form of ODATA and load it to target system i.e to any database.In this we are loading it to Sybase table.

We are using BODS as tool for the data extraction from ODATA service.


Pre-requisites  :

  1. ODATA service URL generated from the ECC system.
  2. First and foremost is to have adapter instance enabled for the job server you are using.The Job server status should be as shown below :

To check this, Go to Data Services Server Manager -> Configuration editor ->Job server using->View

If this is enabled ,it means you are able to create a datastore of type ODATA. If not ask basis team to enable it for you.Once it is enabled ,in the Data Services Management Console, you are able to see Adapter Instances in the Administrator.

By clicking on the plus(+) sign next to it ,you can see the job server name ,you will find two tabs

  • Adapter Instance Status
  • Adapter Configuration

We have to create Adapter Instance of type ODATA ,for which go to Adapter Configuration -> add

Select ODATA Adapter instance in installed adapter list , mention Adapter Instance name,Access server host ,Access server port(optional) and maintain all other default settings.

Click on apply.

Once it is created,we can find the status of ODATA_ADAPTER in Adapter Instance Status as below :

To change the status ,click on start

Now we are ready to import ODATA Service into BODS . To do that let’s create Datastore of type ODATA as below :

Right Click on Object Library ->New

DataStore type     : Adapter i.e We are creating an Adapter data store

Job server             : Name of Job server on which you have enabled to create Adapter instance.

Adapter Instance  : Name of Adapter Instance created in Management Console

Once it is done click Apply to check everything is right.Click on edit to add other configurations mainly URL generated for ODATA service in browser  and system credentials.

URL :  http://IP_Address:Port_No/sap/opu/odata/SAP/ZSTUDENT_INFO_CRUD_SRV/

Now we can import the data present in the form of entity set.

Right click on Datastore ->Import by name ->Give Entity Set name as Table name ->Click OK

Through entity set the data is extracted ,we will create one sample dataflow and load it to the target system i.e Sybase.

The dataflow is created as below which includes :

The Row_Generation transform is used to avoid duplicates of records for safer side.

Now we can see our target table reflecting the data of the ODATA service


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