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Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer

Use Bounce Reporting in SAP Marketing Cloud to Improve the Quality of Communication with your Contacts

An Email Campaign with a high Bounce Rate is a good indicator that the quality of communication via the email-address of contacts must be improved. With SAP Marketing Analytics it is already possible to figure out the affected contacts, which could not be reached via an email due to

  • Hard Bounces (i.e. invalid email-addresses or email recipient server blocked)
  • Soft Bounces (blocked or offline recipient mail-server, full mail-box of recipient)
  • EMail Complaints (aka SPAM or JUNK mails)

This can be achieved for an individual campaign as well as cross email campaigns.

Via file download of the proper reporting result one can trigger a data cleansing in the source system of the contact data, for example SAP Sales and Service solutions, which are integrated with SAP Marketing Cloud.

To do so, Business User can open the SAP Analytics Cloud Story “Campaign Success for Email” (SAP__CEC_MKT_CPG_EMAIL) from the Analytics and Report Gallery. It provides a dedicated story page “Bounce Reporting”, showing the bounces per campaign and the corresponding bounce code (currently shown as “Bus Document Status and Business Document Status Code), as well as the invalid Email Address as External Contact ID.

Using the File-Download functionality in SAP Analytics Cloud, one can extract the invalid contact data, which are given in the attribute “External Contact ID”.

As an alternative Business User can use also the Operational Report “Campaign Success for Messages”, available as CDS Consumption View in the Analytics and Report Gallery of SAP Marketing Cloud. After opening this CDS Query in the design studio, one should define

  • a proper selection time frame using the prompts
  • the relevant measure Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, Email Complaint for the table view
  • the drill down dimensions email-address, external contact ID
  • if desired, also campaign name / ID in the drill down

After saving this view as a variant, one can open this “Bounce Report” by default from the Analytics and Reporting Gallery.

The Excel-Download functionality of the design studio can be used to extract the invalid contact data.

In addition the Marketing User can place a tile on the Fiori LP

for example into the Group “Quick Launch” of SAP Marketing Cloud

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      Author's profile photo Anandh Kannusamy
      Anandh Kannusamy

      Dear Josef Ehbauer

      Nice to read on the Email Bounce Report.

      Based on this report, are there any actions on cleansing the Interaction Contacts in Marketing system.

      If there is one, please provide more details how the standard system works to cleanse or opt-out of emails permission for these contacts.

      Thanks & regards,


      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Anandh,

      well, as soon as you correct the invalid email-address in the connected sales system, and assuming this system is integrated with Marketing Cloud, the wrong data would be automatically updated.

      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Lukas Wissing
      Lukas Wissing

      Dear Josef Ehbauer ,


      I tried to follow your instructions to get detailled information for bounce reseasons. You described, that the report "SAP__CEC_MKT_CPG_EMAIL" can be used for further bounce analytics. Unfortunately that report is not included in your analytics cloud solution. Is that particular report obsolete?


      my report gallery in SAC


      Thanks for your answer,


      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Lukas,

      well there is a reason for that: The bounce reporting moved from the named story SAP__CEC_MKT_CPG_EMAIL_SMS_SUMMARY to the SAC stories for Hard bounce details and soft bounce details, named in your screenshot.

      Both SAC stories are are actually not accessible from the analytics and report gallery, but only from the performance tab of an individial campaign.

      Best Regards, Josef

      Author's profile photo Lukas Wissing
      Lukas Wissing

      Dear Josef Ehbauer ,


      a have a additional question regarding the bounce reporting. In our system and on one of your screenshots I can see the column "bounce code description" but this column is only filled in with hashdags. How is it possible to make usefull descriptions visible?

      Thanks in advance,


      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Lukas,

      thanks for reaching out to us in terms of this issue, which is an important aspect: The bounce code descriptions are replicated from the e-mail service provider (ESP) to SAP Marketing Cloud and saved in the SAP Marketing Cloud interaction records. This is the source for analytics and reporting, that it can be displayed in operational reports or analytics stories. If the information is not provided by ESP, a hash symbol ‘#’ is displayed as a placeholder. Thus, if it appears in your case that the descriptions are not provided, you may contact your service provider to clarify with them.

      Thanks & Best Regards,
      Josef Ehbauer


      Author's profile photo Elio Centeno
      Elio Centeno

      Hi Josef Ehbauer


      I see that you have to rely a lot on SAC to obtain some basic data with the list of bouncing mails.

      But, I see that there is an option in MKT.

      How do you make these fields visible in dimensions?




      Elio C

      Author's profile photo Josef Ehbauer
      Josef Ehbauer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Elio,

      you go to Analytics and Report Gallery, use the standard operational report "campaign success for messages", deselect from the section for measure all except the number of bounces and add the dimension email address for drill down. Then you will get a decent variant that enables you to download bounces.

      BR, Josef