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Loading BW data (from a BEx Query) to Agile Data Preparation

If you have a still an SAP BW that is not running on HANA, you can even get the data from there into ADP.
Remember that ADP uses SAP HANA SDI to connect to different sources, and there is a BW connector there.

Mind SAP Note: 1968598 – Mass data in Bex queries: Options and Workarounds which says: “Bex queries are not made for mass data extraction.”

Do not try to load millions of records when connecting to a BW query!

If your BW is on HANA, you can connect to the HANA database and skip the slow BW Query layer. (ABAP application server). You can generate HANA views for your queries (RS2HANA)

Take a look at the video!

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  • Hi Miguel,

    You have given new Idea for replacing ADP based slow Bex queries to sap Hana data provisioning agent.

    Can you make your video more clear and elaborative? Voice and steps are not clear enough to understand.

    Thanks for your contribution to the community.


    KD Jain


  • Hi,

    Here I'm just showing how to get data from a BEx query using ADP. In the context of self-service BI and if there is not much data to be transferred this adds value for the end users (controllers, etc). They can get data from BW queries to ADP and then combine it with other sources for example.


    I mention that if you have BW on HANA (and the correct licenses) or if you have BW/4 HANA, you do not need to connect to the query in the application server. You can ask the system to generate a HANA view, and connect to that view. (Which is way faster but not all query features are supported)

    I did not understand what you mean by this: "You have given new Idea for replacing ADP based slow Bex queries to sap Hana data provisioning agent"


  • Hi Miguel,

    I am working on similar scenario and have established the DP Agent and it’s working.

    But I am facing an issue while trying to import the data in ADP.


    Please see the screenshot for the error. Are you familiar with the error?


    Appreciate any help.


    Thank You,