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Author's profile photo Monika Patel

Should I use SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check or Simplification-item Check ?


The awareness and interest in Digital Transformation is slowing picking up. I experienced that the Client as well as Support and Implementation partners want to know more about it. I have teams and clients enquiring – I want to implement S/4HANA. What do you suggest? What they want to know and check – where to start & what should be first step?

My shortest answer has been: Unlike earlier SAP ECC or ERP projects, the approach to SAP S/4HANA is and should be much different.

Given the recent four years short journey and experience in SAP S/4HANA and Digital Transformation, backed with two decade of IT Industry experience, as per my observation, what some projects or companies are DOING it WRONG “AGAIN” is, Treating SAP s/4HANA ONLY/just as New-Technology-adoption project.

If one starts with BUYING S/4HANA and start to implement it (without doing an assessment or initial-fitment), the WHOLE POINT of DIGITAL Transformation is missed out. In such a case, the whole exercise, then becomes JUST that of moving from one technology platform to adopting another technology platform.

Second, where I find Companies go wrong is Start the Journey, treating it like traditional “Business-Lead” or “IT-Lead” program. Irrespective of who owns it, OWNERSHIP by single-entity results into a sure-shot miss on the Bigger Benefits and Objective that a Digital-Transformation Program can bring.

What is Boundary or SCOPE of THE Program & WHO OWNs it?

Digital Transformation Program should be “Business Supported, IT Facilitated & Partner Consulted, Product-Vendor Contributed” a JOINT-Responsibility Program. Must have Strong PMO and Change Management Initiatives in-line with DT Program. The Program further broken into multiple small parallel or sequential projects covering Discovery, Due-diligence, Business Model and Business Process Reengineering and so on, and last but not the least Landscape transformation and technology-implementation projects, managed in it’s true sense of Transformation with clear OBJECTIVE, multi-year roadmap and achievable agreed business as well as IT goals.

Understand that “adopting S/4HANA” or “starting Digital Transformation” is more to do with “Critically EXAMINING your existing Business practices, challenging the status-q and existing process, your way of doing a current activity and the need of it, What is your FUTURE NEW HARMONIZED Process-should look like. Last but not the least then look at already implemented applications and technology – what fits, what needs to be discarded and which S/w or app or platform best fits (technically) the “NEED of FUTURE”. 

And doing so, during Business Process Reengineering (BPR), if one can take benefit of aligning the “FUTURE Processes” from that of available in the SAP standard software S/4HANA, what can be adopted “out-of-box” and what is THAT Specific “Business Differentiator” – converted to “way-of-new-process” which differentiates YOU from YOUR competitors, it would avoid re-inventing the wheel from scratch.

If you agree to whatever has been said above, well I would encourage you to read further.

In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned about SAP S/4HANA TRANSFORMER, a tool by SAP which can be used to decide on the “fitment of applications, software and the functionality they provide, with the functionality and Business benefit one is wanting to achieve” While SAP S/4HANA Transformer provides a Directional decision, especially for Installed based EXISTING SAP Customers, it requires a much deeper analysis and I would suggest it as MUST First-step before starting of a physical actual technical project .

Hence, when we talk of Digital Transformation and in that specific light, are trying to evaluate “leveraging the existing-investment”, “fitment of existing-process with NEW-ways-available-in-S4”, or “simply taking the stock of what has been implemented, what has been customized”, it makes sense to check what are tools available from SAP which can help in this exercise.

So this blog is about the two-tools from SAP which help in the exercise mentioned in above para.

The two available from SAP — SAP Readiness Check for s/4HANA & SAP Simplification Item checks.

In one of my earlier blogs, I have mentioned technical details about how to use SAP Readiness Check for S/4HANA and also one blog on SAP Simplification item checks.  (Technical implementation and TCODES or process).

What is important to NOTE and know is also the USECASE or when to use which one? or when using both will be required.

I share a comprehensive tabular comparison of the two available options and hope it helps you easily decide which one or both you need to use and in which sequence and purpose.

** SAP S/4HANA Simplification-item check is available from 1709 version of S/4HANA EM On-premise.

S/4HANA Readiness check also covers –  Business Warehouse Extractors and Data Volume Management.

S/4HANA Readiness Check  :


I would love to hear from you about your experience of using these options and your experience during S/4HANA Adoption and your or your client’s Digital Transformation Journey.


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      Author's profile photo Sitakant Tripathy
      Sitakant Tripathy


      Hi Monika,

      kind of laid out my thoughts. Moving to S/4 HANA shouldn't be treated as a lift and shift across the technology platform but more of the strategic move(talking to people still gives an idea UI and unified integration as the biggest USP which doesn't carry much weight to put forward a business case).

      Business and IT ownership needs to go hand on hand wherein business are investing on redesigning the processes to make it lean and take out redundancies and make it fit for the digital world to provide ubiquity and accessibility across and outside the enterprise.

      IT on the other hand needs to review the SAP and Non SAP applications landscape within the enterprise and suggest the long term strategy around integration and harmonisation of the landscape wherever required. The investment on non-sap investments built on ECC core is sometimes very huge and in some cases very recent and hence would make the case even more difficult if the benefits are not outlined properly.

      Heard this somewhere, don't confuse vendor/product strategy as your own... evaluate your own 🙂

      Interesting time ahead.. and thanks for the matrix at the end of the blog...very helpful 🙂



      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Sitakant for your views.  Next decade will see some major disruptions and changes in organizations both IT as well as non-IT.  Business Organizations who become open for major Change will get the deserving benefit.  In Service-industry, Consultants and Service-providers with consulting services will see a high rise in demand.

      Author's profile photo Tonja Kehrer
      Tonja Kehrer

      What a nice overview table to see at one glance with a side-by-side comparison where the strengths of these powerfull tools are! Thanks Monika, I bet customers will love this helpful asset.

      For SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA you might want to add two more types of checks that have been recently included:

      • Business Warehouse Extractors
      • and Data Volume Management

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Tonja for inputs.  Sure I will include the two in above table.

      Can you help provide a link, SAP NOTE# or a summary doc on the checks about Business Warehouse Extractors & Data volume Management.

      Which version of S/4HANA is this added, that info will also be helpful.


      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Tonja Kehrer
      Tonja Kehrer

      Sure, you can find the latest Information regarding the app in the SAP Readiness Check  - Help Portal . Check out the user guide for thorough Information about:

      • Requirements
      • Related SAP Notes
      • Background Information of every aspect covered by SAP Readiness Check.

      I'm sorry, I did not understand your question about  "Which version of S/4HANA..." Feel free to write me an e-mail.


      All the best

      Author's profile photo linda thomas
      linda thomas

      Excellent Read.. Thanks for sharing.