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Insight to Action Using Smart Business Service

SAP Smart Business is a framework for exposing strategic (key) and operational performance indicators (KPIs, OPIs) as Fiori applications without the need to write any code.


It can be used by customers, partners and SAP’s development teams for making highly aggregated analytical data accessible via Fiori Launchpad tiles.


Smart Business allows users to create and subscribe to alerts when a threshold for an evaluation is breached and send an email to the alert owner and recipients with information regarding the respective KPI and evaluation. To learn more about creating and subscribing to alerts, kindly refer to or our help document at


In this article, we will learn how to extend the alert feature provided by Smart Business and configure Custom Actions as soon as a threshold is breached.


What is Insight to Action?


Smart Business Alerts allow for better monitoring of the KPIs. A properly configured alert will ensure that alert notifications are sent to the right set of people when the KPI values breach the configured thresholds. This helps you ensure that there is enough time to take corrective measures.

But what is the next step? What happens when an owner receives a breach email? The user would likely evaluate the reason for the breach and take appropriate steps to rectify the breach.

Now, let’s consider a scenario where you have an inventory of items (Eg. Office laptops) and you have created an alert as soon as the inventory goes below 50 items. You will get an e-mail as soon as the threshold is breached. A user, in this scenario, would probably create a purchase order for additional items (say 50 laptops) to ensure there is enough inventory in the warehouse and he doesn’t run low on the numbers. But what if there is an option to automatically create such a purchase order as soon as the threshold is breached and the user is saved from all the manual effort?


Smart Business Service provides you a mechanism to use an extension point and provide a custom action on breach of threshold. While creating an alert, the user can choose if he wants to automate an action on breach of threshold, provide an end point to your application (Eg. Create Purchase Order) and Smart Business will provide all the information related to the breached alert to the custom application.


How to use Custom Action in Smart Business Service?

To demonstrate how to extend the alert feature and create an action when threshold is breached, I have created a demo application which displays all the information provided by Smart Business Service in a tabular format. To use this feature, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the SCP cockpit -> Smart Business Service -> Destinations and maintain a destination, “ActionOnBreach” with the end point to your target application.

Note: The end point will work with “AppToAppSSO” and “NoAuthentication” only.

  • Now, while creating an alert, select the “Enable Action On Breach” check box and save the alert.

With this checkbox checked, the next time a threshold is breached, an action will be triggered and the end point provided by you in the cockpit will receive all the related information.


Below is a snapshot of the demo application I created for the example. As expected, all the required information is now available in the table.



With this feature, you can now provide your end point and create a custom application to take an action with the required data. Taking the example of “Purchase Order”, as soon as the threshold is breached, a Purchase Order can now be automatically generated without involving any user actions.


Hope this blog helps you with the feature.

For more information please follow Smart Business Blog :


Note: In case you face any issue with Smart Business Service, you can create an Incident on SAP Support Portal with the  components: CA-GTF-SB-HCP. You may also contact Smart Business team at


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