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Solman 7.2 Upgrade Fast track Content Activation – Enabling SNOTE for TCI and TCI notes implementation


The purpose of writing this blog is to provide screen by screen procedure of enabling the SNOTE to consume the TCI (Transport based Correction Instructions) and implementing the TCI through SNOTE.

This blog is written in reference to the solution manager upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2 version but can be referred generally to enable SNOTE for TCI based implementation in other scenarios as well.

It is advisable to go through the whole blog before starting the implementation and open the SAP notes referred in this blog as SAP updates the notes on regular basis.

What is TCI?

SAP Note Transport based Correction Instructions (TCI) is a new channel to ship ABAP corrections with SAP Notes.

You can find detailed information about TCI and its comparison with the automatic corrections and the support packages in the pdf attached in the below SAP note

SAP Note 2187425 : Information about SAP Note Transport based Correction Instructions (TCI)


Relevance in Solution Manager Upgrade

You are upgrading from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 and you want to minimize your work with the content activation procedure that transforms and transfers content from the 7.1 to 7.2 environment.


SAP notes

Please refer to the below SAP notes. The blog has been documented as per the SAP notes listed below and you should always refer to the instructions mentioned in the latest version of these SAP notes.

SAP Note 2599354 : How to implement SAP Notes to enable SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 content activation – fast-track

SAP Note 2187425 : Information about SAP Note Transport based Correction Instructions (TCI)

Content Activation: Content Activation Guide


Pre-requisites for TCI

  1. Check the SAP_BASIS release and its SP level for your system. The TCI’s are available in the particular SPs of the SAP releases. If your system is on that SP level or above it, then implementation of TCI bootstrap note is not required. You can directly use SNOTE to implement the TCI notes. Please refer to the pdf attached in SAP Note 2187425 to check the valid releases.
  2. Take the full database backup of your SAP system before enabling the TCI functionality and implementing TCI.
  3. Upgrade your SPAM to the latest version (69 or higher).

Enabling SNOTE for TCI

If your SAP_BASIS SP level is lower than the patch mentioned in the guide attached to SAP Note 2187425 , proceed with the below steps as per the guide:

  1. Download and implement the SAP notes relevant to your SAP_BASIS release as mentioned in the pre-requisites section (section 1.3 of the guide). e.g for solman 7.1 SP13, SAP_BASIS release was 702 PL 16. We implemented the below pre-requisite notes through SNOTE and captured them in a TR:                                                                                                           SAP Note 1532112
    SAP Note 2344014
    SAP Note 2134534
    SAP Note 2536585
    SAP Note 2606986
    SAP Note 2615270
    SAP Note 2569813                                                                                                                        Read the pre-requisite notes carefully for any manual activities. In our case, only SAP note      2569813 involved a manual step.

2.  To enable the Note assistant (SNOTE) to consume the TCI, implement the bootstrap SAP note relevant to your SAP_BASIS release as mentioned in the guide (Section 1.3). The bootstrap note is implemented through SPAM and not through the SNOTE, hence it cannot be captured in a TR and needs to be implemented separately in each system – DEV, QA, PROD etc.  We implemented the bootstrap note 2444141 valid for release SAP_BASIS 702 by following the below steps:

2.1.  Download the Bootstrap TCI: Open the bootstrap note (e.g 2444141) in SAP support portal and go to section Correction instructions. Select SAP_BASIS under Software component tab.

The system provides a SAR file. Save the downloaded SAR file into your directory.

2.2. Log in to client 000 of the system in which you would like to install the TCI.

2.3. Upload the bootstrap TCI SAP Note to the system: Call transaction SPAM, then choose Support Package > Load Packages>SAR archives from Front End and navigate to the directory into which you have downloaded the SAR file (e.g K70200GCPSAPBASIS.SAR)

2.4. Define the SPAM queue for TCI bootstrap file:In transaction SPAM, select “New Support Packages” and click on display button.

From the OCS Package Directory: New Packages view, select the respective bootstrap TCI SAP Note

To define the TCI queue, click the Calculate Queue button.

2.5 Import the defined queue

Implementing the TCI note

The TCI notes are implemented using the t-code SNOTE. Please read the TCI note carefully before implementing it, as it may contain some pre-requisites or reports that may need to be run before implementation of the note.

The below screenshots are for the implementation of TCI note 2559699 during the preparation of content activation for solution manager 7.2 upgrade.

  1. Read the TCI note and execute any pre-requisites mentioned in that note (e.g implement SAP Note 2451719 and perform the manual activities specified therein as mentioned in TCI note 2559699)
  2. Implement the TCI following the instructions provided in SAP Note 2187425 > attached PDF > section 1.4.1 which currently reads (the PDF is also attached to this KBA):

2.1  Download the correction instructions from the TCI note by opening it in SAP support portal (e.g TCI note 2559699). The system provides SAR file SAPK710001CPSTMAIN. Save the downloaded SAR file into your directory.

2.2 Upload the SAR file in the transaction SNOTE of your development system.

       SNOTE>Goto>Upload TCI

2.3 Now download theTCI note from the SAP support portal and unzip the ZIP file

The SAR file will be downloaded which you need to extract with SAPCAR utility. It will provide the zip file

Unzip the zip file which will provide the txt file.

2.4. Upload the SAP note using SNOTE

2.5. Start the TCI note implementation in the note browser

It will download various pre-requisite notes which you should read for any manual activities to be done(if required).

2.6 Verify if TCI note was correctly implemented. It can be checked in the t-code SPAM>Goto>Import Logs>Queue

2.7 Execute any additional activities if mentioned in the TCI note (e.g You need to run report “note_2623561” in update mode as mentioned in TCI note 2559699)


Post activities

Follow the SAP note or guide (which referred to implement the TCI note) for further instructions after the implementation of the TCI note (e.g for Solman 7.2 upgrade, refer to SAP note 2599354 for further activities)


Actions in subsequent systems (QA,PROD)

  1. Import the pre-requisite notes TR in the subsequent systems (point 1 in section Enabling Snote for TCI).
  2. Implement the bootstrap note through SPAM (point 2 in section Enabling SNOTE for TCI).
  3. Import the TCI note TR created in section Implementing the TCI note.
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