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Customer Enhancement Field for WBS : Creation,Field Mapping and Validation & Substitution

This post will help to PS Functional as well as Technical Consultant.

As per my practical experience; I found that there are number of blogs for the creation of customer field in WBS, Mapping of same as well as Validation and Substitutions, but couldn’t find all the relevant steps for integrating this whole scenario.

So, I decided to wrap-up all of this things in a single blog with an example.


  1. Let say, One Customer field (ZZXXXX) is to be assign in WBS 
  2. Field is to be set as mandatory.
  3. Field data should be copy from Main WBS to all below WBS


1. To create Customer Field we will be using Exit : CNEX0007 : PS customer specific fields WBS element

Step 1 : Go to T-Code : SE11 > Open Structure  CI_PRPS > Add Customer Field ZZXXXX*

* : Please, make sure while creating customer field . It should be start with ZZ as per SAP Guidelines, else system will not able to find that field in substitution ( I came across with this while an implementation project )

Step 2 : Go to T-code : CMOD > Create Project and assign this exit to created project.

Step 3 : After Assignment of exit , click on components and double click on highlighted program

Step 4 : Now it will take you to the Screen : SAPLXCN1 , then click on layout, screen painter will open. Now put ZZXXXX on screen & activate it.

Step 5 : Now, Go back to Project and double click on function exit : EXIT_SAPLCJWB_004, Now double click on Include :  ZXCN1U21  and press enter & Assign value to ZZXXXX  from cnci_prps_imp

This exit is used to retrieve data from table ( PRPS ) to customer filed ( ZZXXXX )

Step 6 : Now, Go back to Project and double click on function exit : EXIT_SAPLCJWB_005, Now double click on Include : ZXCN1U22  and press enter & Assign value to cnci_prps_exp from ZZXXXX

This exit is used to transfer value data from customer filed ( ZZXXXX ) to table ( PRPS )


Step 7 : Activate the Project and All the includes.

RESULTCustomer Field ZZXXXX created

2. After creating field, we want this field as mandatory and will do this by using                Validation Function.I hope all are confirmtable with fundamental of Validation function

Step 1 : Create Validation Name under WBS Element in T-code : OPSI

Step 2 : Maintain Step for field with Check and Error Message


  • Message ID can be new created and  message can be created as per your requirement or you can use existing message ID and just create new message under it.
  • T-code : SE91, will help to achieve all of this

RESULT : Validation Created ; which will create customer field mandatory.

3. Now, To achieve copy of field from Main WBS to all sub-WBS, we will use Substitution Function.I hope all are confirmtable with fundamental of Substitution function.

Step 1 : Create Substitution Name under WBS Element in T-code : OPSN

Step 2 : Lets create Step and choose Field “ ZZXXXX

  • Note : There are TWO Pre-requisite to getting this Field in substitution


      1. Go To SM30 > Maintain Table : VWTYGB01 > Create a New Entry for field as per below                                                                                                                         
      2. Go To SE38 > Execute Program : RGUGBR00 as per below                                             

Now, you are able get this field in Step Creation as shown in below,

Step 3 : Select Substitution Method “ Field – Field Assignment “


Step 4 : Maintain Pre-requisite ( Level > 1 ) & Substitution as below,


Kindly, select Superior WBS field ( RCJ_PRPSUP-ZZXXXX ) as this value to be copy to all below level WBS.

RESULT : Substitution Created ; which copy data from Top WBS to all Sub-WBS for customer field



Step 1 : Create Sample Project Definition

Step 2: Attach L-0 WBS and Press Intermediate Save Button – System gives Error which derives from Validation as no data in field


Step 3: Go To Cust. Enhancement Tab & Put required Value on Field and then Press Intermediate Save Button – After that Error will eliminate



Step 4: Attach L-1 WBS under L-0 WBS: Press Enter > Press Intermediate Save > Check data on Cust. Enhancement Tab : Data derive from Substitution


I would like to thank my colleague Mr. Sonu Kumar for his contribution on ABAP Part.

Please, let me know if anyone have doubt or I missed something.

Your suggestions are most welcome.


Akash Khandelwal



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      Author's profile photo Amol Padwal
      Amol Padwal

      Nice Work, Akash.

      Author's profile photo Hagit Sammet
      Hagit Sammet

      Akash Khandelwal,

      Thank you for your post.

      In our system I am looking for the code, that changes the value of a screen field (in subscreen 700). Do you know where can I find it? (it is not in the PBO).

      Thank you in advance

      Author's profile photo BALASUBRAMANIAN AP

      Good blog..