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SAP Web Dispatcher Configuration for SAP Marketing On-Premise

Tim is a basis consultant, recently accepting responsibility for a new SAP Marketing installation project. After reaching the post-installation stage of the Installation Guide, he tries to perform the steps in section “Configuring the SAP Web Dispatcher”. Even with the help of the detailed implementation examples in this section, he faces difficulties with configuring the SAP Web Dispatcher correctly as he runs into SSL handshake errors several times.

As the Web Dispatcher configuration is very tricky, we as the development team constantly receive tickets and observe that the Web Dispatcher was not configured correctly. This blog tries to depict a simplified straight-forward approach by guiding you through the Web Dispatcher configuration in a SAP Marketing on-premise system, pointing out the various pitfalls in this process.

Once you installed AS ABAP system, the SAP Web Dispatcher either gets installed during the AS ABAP installation (as per your selection during the installation process) ), or you install the Web Dispatcher separately – either on the same system where AS ABAP is installed or on a different system.

Before we start with the Web Dispatcher configuration, ensure the following:

  • HTTPS port is enabled on ABAP server.
  • SSL certificate is installed.

The most important part is the Web Dispatcher configuration profile, which should be similar to the below example:

# SAP Web Dispatcher Ports
icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTPS,PORT=44301
# SAP Web Dispatcher Administration
icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/wdisp/admin,DOCROOT=$(DIR_DATA)$(DIR_SEP)icmandir,AUTHFILE=$(icm/authfile)
# Start webdispatcher
Execute_06 = local rm -f $(_WD)
Execute_07 = local ln -s -f $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/sapwebdisp$(FT_EXE) $(_WD)
Restart_Program_02 = local $(_WD) pf=$(_PF)
wdisp/ping_protocol = https 
wdisp/group_info_protocol = https 
wdisp/url_map_protocol = https
ssl/ssl_lib = /usr/sap/WEB/SYS/exe/nuc/linuxx86_64/ 
ssl/server_pse = /usr/sap/WEB/W02/sec/sapssls.pse 
icm/HTTPS/verify_client = 0 
ssl/client_pse = /usr/sap/WEB/W02/sec/sapssls.pse 
wdisp/ssl_encrypt = 2 
wdisp/ssl_auth = 2 
wdisp/ssl_cred = /usr/sap/WEB/W02/sec/sapssls.pse 
icm/HTTPS/forward_ccert_as_header = true 
wdisp/system_conflict_resolution = 1
wdisp/add_client_protocol_header = 1 
wdisp/handle_webdisp_ap_header = 1 
wdisp/add_xforwardedfor_header = true 
icm/HTTP/mod_0 = PREFIX=/, FILE=$(DIR_PROFILE)/redirect.txt
# Forwarding Rule to AS ABAP
wdisp/system_0 = SID=MKT, NR=01, MSHOST=hostname, MSPORT=8100, SRCURL=/sap/opu;/sap/bc;/sap/public;/sap/es;/sap/cuan;/sap/ushell_config
# Forwarding Rule to SAP HANA XS
wdisp/system_2 = SID=HDB, EXTSRV=https://hostname:4300, SRCURL=/sap/hba;/sap/hana;/sap/hana-app;/sap/ui5;/sap/ead;/sap/bi
# Forwarding Rule to user assistance Content Server
wdisp/system_3 = SID=UCS, EXTSRV=, SRCURL=/sap/dfa/help/, SRCSRV=*:*, STANDARD_COOKIE_FILTER=OFF
# Forwarding Rule to User assistent Script Server
wdisp/system_4 = SID=UAS, EXTSRV=, SRCURL=/resources/sap/dfa/help/, SRCSRV=*:*, STANDARD_COOKIE_FILTER=OFF


The last four parameters in the above example are most important ones: The forwarding rules to ABAP and HANA XS must be adapted to your system settings, but the last two forwarding rules can be identical to the one in the example.

Regardless of the location of your Web Dispatcher installation, be it on the same system where AS ABAP is installed or be it a on a different system: The configuration should be almost the same as in the example given above. Just make sure that you adapt it as per your system settings where necessary.

Once you have edited the Web Dispatcher profile file, restart your AS ABAP system or at least the Web Dispatcher itself.

If you want to make the “context-sensitive user assistance” available in the SAP Fiori launchpad, you configure the Web Dispatcher as follows:

  1. Add the following parameter in the Web Dispatcher profile :

    For the User Assistance Content Platform:

    wdisp/system_<number> = SID=<SID1>, EXTSRV=, SRCURL=/sap/dfa/help/, SRCSRV=*:*, PROXY=<your proxy>:<your proxy port>, STANDARD_COOKIE_FILTER=OFF

    For the user assistant script server:

    wdisp/system_<number> = SID=<SID2>, EXTSRV=, SRCURL=/resources/sap/dfa/help/, SRCSRV=*:*, PROXY=<your proxy>:<your proxy port>, STANDARD_COOKIE_FILTER=OFF
  2. Add the below parameter to Web Dispatcher profile :
    icm/HTTP/mod_0 = PREFIX=/, FILE=$(DIR_PROFILE)/redirect.txt ​
  3. Create a file “redirect.txt” under the path /sapmnt/SID/profile , add the following snippet (make sure to adapt them as per your system setting):
    # User Assistance Content Platform - rewrite rule
    if %{SID} = UCS
    SetHeader HOST
    RegRewriteRawUrl ^/sap/dfa/help/(.*) /dps/$1
    # User assistent Script Server - rewrite rule
    if %{SID} = UAS
    SetHeader HOST
    RegRewriteRawUrl ^/resources/sap/dfa/help/(.*) /xRayControls/resources/sap/dfa/help/$1


In addition, I would recommend to go to the following transactions in the AS ABAP system and check the corresponding details:

  1. SMMS (Message Server Monitor): Check whether the message server port is configured correctly.
  2. SMICM (Internet Communication Manager Monitor): Check whether HTTP/HTTPS ports are configured correctly.

Once you are sure that the above configurations are correct, you can access the Web Dispatcher administrator portal.

The Web Dispatcher admin link would look similar to the following example (check the SAP Web Dispatcher Administration section in the above configuration example):


Login with the user webadm and the password set during installation.

There are two certificates that must be imported:

  1. HANA XS Certificate
  2. ABAP Server Certificate

For the HANA XS certificate, launch the following URL https://hostname:43XX , while XX is the instance number of the HANA server, in the browser. Save the certificate.

For the ABAP server certificate, launch the URL https://hostname:443XX/sap/public/icman/ping, while XX is the instance number of the ABAP server, in the browser. Save the certificate.


In the Web Dispatcher Administration, go to PSE Management as shown in the screenshot below, select SAPSSLC.pse from the dropdown box, and import both the certificates imported above.

Click Backend System Info under Dispatching Module, and check whether the statuses of the ABAP server and the HANA server are green.

Once this is done, you are good to go ahead with the post-installation process according to the corresponding sections in the Installation Guide. Execute other steps stated in the guide, launch the Technical Configuration Cockpit and execute the required tasks.

For more information about the SAP Web Dispatcher, see the following documentation on the SAP Help Portal:

I hope the above described procedures help you to correctly configure the SAP Web Dispatcher.

Please get back to me with any feedback or questions in the comment section below. I will try to answer all questions as soon as possible. Happy Marketing! 🙂

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