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First impressions of SAP Data Hub 1.4.0

To start with, the installation of SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 on an up-to-date SUSE CaaSP works so much smoother than installing SAP Data Hub 1.1.2 on SUSE CaaSPSAP Data Hub 1.2.1 on Microsoft Azure or SAP Data Hub 1.3.0 on the Google Cloud platform had before.

In case you had a Kubernetes cluster with only one worker node as I do, please remember to set replicationFactor = 1 and standbyFactor = 0 in SAPVora-DistributedRuntime/deployment/helm/vora-cluster/values.yaml as per the Installation Guide.

Also, if your Docker Registry leveraged a self signed certificate as mine does, then Prepare to Add Certificate for Secured Docker Registry to Pipeline Engine:

  1. Copy the certificate onto the host where your SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime installer was extracted and move it into SAPVora-DistributedRuntime/images/vora-vystem/docker/app-base/docker-registry.crt
  2. Edit SAPVora-DistributedRuntime/images/vora-vsystem/docker/app-base/Dockerfile and append the following two lines to it:
    ADD docker-registry.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
    RUN update-ca-certificates​

With this, in no time, the system is up-and-running:

However, in contrast to the significant Architectural changes with SAP Data Hub 1.3.0, SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 appears very similar to SAP Data Hub 1.3.1, i.e. the major difference seems to be the slightly updated SAP Vora version:

SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 SAP Data Hub 1.3.1
SAP Vora 2.2.48 2.2.42
Apache Spark 2.2.0 2.2.0
Apache Hadoop 2.9.0 2.9.0


Otherwise the architecture, especially also the external interfaces, seem to have remained stable:

As before there is no predefined Data Hub Flow Agent, Pipeline Modeler or Vora Tools so I add one of each via System Management:

And verify my installation by connecting the pre-delivered Kafka SAP Data Pipeline to my respective Kafka broker:

Overall, SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 seems mostly like a maintenance release to me, that keeps up with the rapidly evolving Kubernetes environment that its distributed run-time is based on, but there are a few New Features in SAP Data Hub 1.0 SPS 04 as well especially also the ability to Create SAP Data Hub Flowgraph Tasks with the new Task Assistant.

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