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Sharing What’s New in SAP Analysis Office 2.7

This is just a subset of what is available.  Here is what I have documented so far:

First you see a pop-up, a GDPR-compliant popup.  How can you switch it off?

You go to the technical configuration

Search for dpp and the settings are shown above




Source: SAP

New optimized formulas are available for “asymmetric” (sometimes known as “butterfly”?) reporting

But please note the prerequisites; I ended up applying several notes in my sandbox for this to work.  Read the SAP Notes (“don’t do as I do, do as I say”) 🙂

If your system meets the prerequisites, you can select data source for defining formulas as shown above

If your system does not meet the prerequisites, you receive a message as shown above

In my example, I selected an InfoProvider

You can see the display panel panes look different, don’t they?

You can see the flag is checked for “Use Data Source Formula-Optimized” on the components tab.

Above is an example of the SAPGetData formula

#RFR is for refresh


See recording:

What do you think of the new formula optimized features?

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    Hi Tammy,  How is Formula-Optimized any different than what we can do now in AO 2.5 or 2.6?  I mean after we convert the Crosstab using "Convert to Formula", it become what you have shown on the YouTube.  I am trying to understand in what way it is different in AO 2.7 as a new functionality/feature.  Also, in our previous Planning tools like EVDRE or EPM, after we generate a report in a block, we can override the cell value using a formula, so we have both the range block and a formula in it and formula gets priority over the range block, I still don't think AO Crosstab can work like EVDRE or EMP.  Please help me understand this.  I have already submitted this on the Customer Influence portal.  Thanks,


    • Hi Jay - thank you for reading.  Yes, you can convert to formula, the difference in 2.7 is you go into the workbook knowing the formula is optimized.  I am not using planning so I don't know about EVDRE/EPM (sorry)

      • Hi


        I know this question is  not related to this topic.

        I have a requirement  where user requires dynamic charts based on

        the selection(Prompts which are coming from bex) provided by the user

        that to on different level

        1) on level 3 nodes line charts and 2) on level 4 nodes pia charts.



  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for your reply.  All I am looking for is if we could insert Formula "inside" a Crosstab without it getting registered in Design Rule Tab as a Formula?

    I can do what you demoed putting a SAPGETDATA function in AO 2.5 or AO 2.6 also.





    Hi Tammy.

    After testing 2.7 I have an issue. In earlier Versions this was not a problem. I log on With Windows AD, an execute a Query from BW as normal, but after starting analysis again and execute the same Query from recently used list, I'm now asked for SAP system, even if I first log in With Windows AD. This did not appear in earlier Versions. It's only happen from recent list.

    Any idea of fixing this?




    • Hello Dag - thank you for reading my blog.  I recommend creating a new question at so the community can better assist; unfortunately I don't know much about AD to help here.

    • Thanks Dag.  Yes, I had the exact same issue while testing 2.7.  I thought perhaps it was our environment but I see we are not the only ones.  We are upgrading to 2.6 for now until 2.7 gets much further along.

  • Hi Tammy ,

    I am using formula optimized data Source to develop one of the static report.

    However, I don't see much improvement in the performance of the report. Please find my analysis below.

    1. Time taken by HANA view to return RAW data :- 19 seconds
    2. Time taken by Report using same datasource in non- formula mode :- 38 seconds
    3. Time taken by report using formula optimized mode - 34 Sec.

    I can see only an improvement of 4 sec to return same number of objects in formula optimized mode.

    Also , I found an interesting analysis . If I am using only one SAPGetData function it is taking 34 sec , which is similar to the report refresh time with multiple SAPGetData functions.


    Could you please let me know if we have any other performance optimization method in AO.



    Avinash Singh

  • Tammy Powlas  Hi Tammy

    I am finding one weird behaviour with 2.7. i have built a report displaying some filter values in the report. Its showing me all the filter values. but when i have shared that report with the user having the 2.7 version installed in his machine. Its giving N/A error message where as if we are opening in 2.5 its opening properly.

    do you know why





    Hi Tammy,


    one weakness of SAPGetData is, that you can transfer only one member per Dimension in one SAPGetData-formula. E.g. let's say I want to have the results from two countries. At the Moment there seems to be only one solution: = SAPGetData("DS_1"; "0COUNTRY"; "DE") + SAPGetData("DS_1";"0COUNTRY";"FR")

    In case you want to add more than two members the formulas get very complicated. It would be very helpful to retrieve more than one member in one SAPGetData-formula. E.g.: =SAPGetData("DS_1";"0COUNTRY"; "DE","FR","US") or some similar syntax


    Do you know if this is possible now or if some enhancement is planned?


    Best regards,



    • Hello Michael - the other week SAP gave a roadmap webcast (see blog here ) and SAP said they would look to improve SAPGetData enhancements but I don't have specifics.  You're invited to attend our next ASUG webcast on this topic - BI: What's new in Analysis Office?

      • Hello Tammy,

        firstly, let me thank you for your hints and videos!

        I wanted to kindly ask, if there is any news for the above mentioned SAPGetData improvements?

        I am looking at the exactly the same as Michael Eidler was asking, for example to use the YTD calculation by SAPGetData for Accounts in rows (usage is for many accounts, therefore I cannot use the restriction feature of Analysis, as I have multiple measures).

        Many thanks to you, if you find some time for a note to my point!

        Kind regards,

        • Hello Václav - I have not heard any news on that; the next release is planned later this year.  I can check my notes from last week but I don't recall this being discussed.

          Thank you for your feedback.

  • Thank you for the instructions to remove the pop-up box. However, my Analysis Technical Configuration will not display anything and has a message at the bottom stating, "The application does not run in administration mode; several properties cannot be edited". Is there another way to get the pop-up to stop showing up?