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This is just a subset of what is available.  Here is what I have documented so far:

First you see a pop-up, a GDPR-compliant popup.  How can you switch it off?

You go to the technical configuration

Search for dpp and the settings are shown above




Source: SAP

New optimized formulas are available for “asymmetric” (sometimes known as “butterfly”?) reporting

But please note the prerequisites; I ended up applying several notes in my sandbox for this to work.  Read the SAP Notes (“don’t do as I do, do as I say”) 🙂

If your system meets the prerequisites, you can select data source for defining formulas as shown above

If your system does not meet the prerequisites, you receive a message as shown above

In my example, I selected an InfoProvider

You can see the display panel panes look different, don’t they?

You can see the flag is checked for “Use Data Source Formula-Optimized” on the components tab.

Above is an example of the SAPGetData formula

#RFR is for refresh


See recording:

What do you think of the new formula optimized features?

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  1. Jay YM


    Hi Tammy,  How is Formula-Optimized any different than what we can do now in AO 2.5 or 2.6?  I mean after we convert the Crosstab using “Convert to Formula”, it become what you have shown on the YouTube.  I am trying to understand in what way it is different in AO 2.7 as a new functionality/feature.  Also, in our previous Planning tools like EVDRE or EPM, after we generate a report in a block, we can override the cell value using a formula, so we have both the range block and a formula in it and formula gets priority over the range block, I still don’t think AO Crosstab can work like EVDRE or EMP.  Please help me understand this.  I have already submitted this on the Customer Influence portal.  Thanks,


    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Jay – thank you for reading.  Yes, you can convert to formula, the difference in 2.7 is you go into the workbook knowing the formula is optimized.  I am not using planning so I don’t know about EVDRE/EPM (sorry)

  2. Jay YM

    Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for your reply.  All I am looking for is if we could insert Formula “inside” a Crosstab without it getting registered in Design Rule Tab as a Formula?

    I can do what you demoed putting a SAPGETDATA function in AO 2.5 or AO 2.6 also.





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