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Lock an Item for a Specific Warehouse for Purchasing-Selling Purposes in SAP Business One 9.2

In some cases, we need have more than one operating center in one company database, generally when we’re opening an Item Master Data, this one will be available for all warehouses for Selling and Purchasing Purposes, but in some cases, you don’t need this to be happened,

for example, you have your own retail-chain, have Retail Stores and Wholesales Stores, for specific items you don’t need the Wholesales Stores to be able to purchase these items just Retail ones, to do so, we can lock this item from this warehouse, and they won’t be able to do any transactions that are related to this item, they will get the following system message;

How to implement this inside SAP Business One?

Open the Item Master Data for the item that you want, Modules > Inventory > Item Master Data, go to the Inventory Tab

From the third column “Locked” check it out, and this item for the specific warehouse won’t be available,

When any accountant/user working with the locked warehouse, trying to post a document (A/R Invoice, SO, PO, …) they can fill out all the required data in the document, but when it comes to the step of adding this document, they will get the following system message;

In some cases, by mistake, a user may check it out, casing a problem for all other users, to prevent such an issue, we can freeze this authority from Modules > Administration > System Initialization > Authorization > General Authorizations, then go Inventory > Item Master Data, and define it to Read-Only, this action will case the following changes for the authorizations:

  • Item Master Data: Read-Only
  • Active: No Authorization
  • Inactive: No Authorization
  • Valuation Method: Read-Only
  • Remove Item Master Data: No Authorization

This action will not prevent any user from opening any of the Inventory Transactions or Inventory Reports, they can still have access to it, until we take them away from them through editing the General Authorizations,

Item Master Data will appear to them as the following appearance;


hope this one was helpful,

to download this documentation,

Lock an Item for a Specific Warehouse for Purchasing-Selling Purposes in SBO 9.2

for your suggestions and inquiries please feel free to reach me out,


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