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SAP Web IDE Full-Stack – the only cloud IDE at SAP Cloud Platform

As of December, 31st 2018, the SAP Web IDE version is not available anymore and we offer SAP Web IDE Full-Stack as the only cloud version. You can learn more about this version here.

You do not have to purchase a new license, the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version is included under the terms of your existing license.

What should you do next?

If SAP Web IDE Full-Stack is not enabled in your account yet, please enable it by following this procedure.

If you have not completed the migration of your projects, you can still access your projects and migrate them to the Full-Stack version as described in the migration procedure. You can also follow our recommendations published in this blog.

Please note that the Migration wizard that allows you to copy your projects from the old environment will only be available until April, 30th 2019. After that, you will only be able to migrate projects stored in Git repositories.

If you would like to remove projects from the old environment, an enterprise account administrator can open a support ticket on component CA-WDE after all the developers of the account have completed migration to the Full-Stack version. If you are a trial user, you can use this procedure.

If you have other questions, ask our community, check out our documentation, or contact us.

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  • Hello Natalia, thanks for your explanation about the migration path towards SAP Web IDE Full Stack.
    I'm a bit thrown by the sentence:

    On December 31st, SAP Web IDE Full-Stack will become the only version of SAP Web IDE. 

    We are currently using the Web IDE for On-Premise development, mainly in the context of Data Warehousing and BW/4HANA.

    An earlier blog shows there is a different Web IDE for On Premise:

    Is Web IDE Full-Stack a replacement for the on-premise Web IDE as well? Or can I just continue to work with what I am using now?

    It would be challenging to fit in a migration in our plans before the end of 2018!

    Hopefully you can put my mind at ease.


    • Hi Jan,


      Thank you for the quick reaction.

      My blog is about consolidating SAP Web IDE CLOUD versions.

      I will update the text to make it clear.




  • Hi Natalia,


    thanks for the update. Do you already know when it will be possible to create node.js modules in the WebIDE?