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Last year across the SAP TechEd events, we celebrated Developer Heroes from our Developer Community with banner signs around the event. As we are now on the run up to our SAP TechEd 2018 events, we are on the lookout for this year’s 20!


Developer Hero is someone who has achieved one or more of the following…

  • Must be knowledgeable about one or more areas of SAP
  • Has created a showcase/dev work or is doing something innovative
  • Blogs on SCN or other media
  • Helps the developer community


So if you have someone in mind, please add your nomination to the ‘comments’ below with the reason why. If somebody has already nominated your choice, please ‘like’ their comment, rather than adding another, unless you are doing it for a totally different reason. Please note that no self nominations, no SAP employees can be nominated & no nominations that have previously been a Developer Hero (check d-men, days of future past) are eligible.



Remember you can nominate more than one Developer Hero for consideration!


Nominations were closed on July 31, 2018. 


Our final 20 will be revealed for the first time at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. So, what are you waiting for? Start posting your nominations below now.


NOTE – SAP Employees can nominate individuals, but cannot be nominated for Developer Hero

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    1. Holger Stumm

      Yes, definitely the passionate genius in all new ABAP: Paul Hardy is my personal ABAP Hero President!!

      (And I do have 30+ years ABAP experience to say that)

      (He presented recently to one of my developer communities at customer site and went to SITHH straight after, no sleeping! )

      His category is #PAULHARDY, and if you see his programs and coaching, you are amazed.


    1. Murali Shanmugham

      + 1 for Fabian Lehmann for his contribution to SAP Community. I am always amazed with the ideas/PoCs which he shares using some of the latest #sapcp technologies. Lot of hard work and willingness to share with the community as blogs. definitely deserves to be a developer hero.

    1. DJ Adams

      Gosh, thanks Nabheet, that’s very kind. Unfortunately this nomination isn’t allowed, as I’m a past Developer Hero (from 2015) and I’m also now an SAP employee 🙂 But thank you anyway!

    1. Phil Cooley

      Wow Nabheet Madan thanks for the nomination, appreciate it muchly! I definitely want and try to encourage community activity as much as I can to “Make the SAP Community great again!! :-). Thank you very much!


  1. Phil Cooley

    I would like to nominate Nabheet Madan – his Fiori debugging blogs (and other blogs of course) as well as the posts on twitter etc are all about revitalising the SAP Community. Nabheet is a constant contributor and is one of my developer heroes!


    1. Mateusz Skadorwa

      I’m cooperating with Tomasz and I see his experience and knowledge of the newest technologies of SAP World. Honestly said, I think that there aren’t so much people in Europe with productive experience with Draft Concept, XSA and so on. Furthermore, he is sharing his knowledge with local (and not only local) communities.

  2. Raphael Pacheco

    I would like to nominate:


    Lars Hvam, for all his contributions to the ABAP developers, such as abapgit, abaplint among others;


    Matthew Billingham, for all the support he provided us in the ABAP community, helping several times others to get the correct way to do the algorithms;


    Damir Majer, for you work with ABAP Code Retreat events, code katas, etc;


    Alvaro Tejada Galindo for you great work exploring several technologies and combine them with SAP technologies, besides being a great inspiration for me.



    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo

      Thanks Raphael Pacheco -:) I’m glad you like my projects and it’s a huge honor to be an inspiration for you -;)

      And BTW…you should get awarded a “Developer Hero” award! You’re always looking for innovation, always willing to try out new things and you have a very good “Developer” attitude -:D


  3. Srikanth Peri

    For me, it is Nabheet Madan We started the journey with SAPUI5. He has been a mentor for workflows and he specially guided me into this wonderful learning path through twitter handles and blogs.

    Also Thank you DJ Adams for being an inspiration.
    You are my Developer Hero for almost a decade now.
    @DJ it was your code that helped me understand RESTful Programming almost a decade ago and showed me a new world of possibilities for me to explore.

  4. Shaked Buchbinder

    I would like to nominate May Stotzky for a huge contribution to our organization, she is leading innovation in many field (like S4HANA, Fiori, UI5, WebIDE, Eclipse, etc) and being an inspiration and a mentor for all of us the developers.

  5. Ian Thain Post author

    The public nominations for our two separate Hero Programs, Developer and Community 2018, are now closed for this year.

    We at Developer Relations, would like to thank all of you that took the time to nominate and I’m sure that I speak for the nominees themselves, that they appreciate your kind thoughts and support in recognising their efforts & hard work!

    It is now down to us to process these public nominations.

    The results will be revealed for the first time at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas later this year and simultaneously in a blog


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