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Author's profile photo Ian Thain

Launching the Community Hero recognition program 2018 – Nominations are CLOSED!

We are excited to introduce a new recognition program to acknowledge community members that are doing extraordinary things within the community! The ‘Community Heroes’ program is built on former community recognition programs (former ‘SAP Community Appreciation Awards’ and ‘SAP Community Citizenship Awards’) and will be our global community recognition program from now on.


As we are now on the run up to our SAP TechEd 2018 events, we are on the lookout for this year’s 30 Community Heroes! But, what makes anyone eligible? A Community Hero is someone who has achieved one or more of the following within the SAP community:


  • Moderating & helping
  • Answering questions
  • Improving content
  • Or maybe you just appreciate their contributions!


So if you have someone in mind, please add your nomination to the ‘comments’ below with the reason why. If somebody has already nominated your choice, please ‘like’ their comment rather than adding another comment, unless you are doing it for a totally different reason or really wish to thank them publicly. Please note, no self-nominations are eligible. Nominees from previous ‘Community Appreciation Awards’ can be nominated for this years’ Community Hero program.



Remember you can nominate more than one Community Hero for consideration!


Nominations were closed on July 31, 2018. 


Our final 30 will be revealed for the first time at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. Know someone in the community that deserves to be recognized? Post you nominations below!


NOTE – SAP Employees can nominate and can be nominated for Community Hero

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      Author's profile photo Thilak Balachandiran
      Thilak Balachandiran


      I nominate Murali Shanmugham for his SAP Blogs on SCP , code Jam and response to any queries quickly.

      Author's profile photo Bharath B N
      Bharath B N

      I would like to nominate Mohammed Ashraf  for his blogs on BI SAML config and answers on BI Platform.

      Author's profile photo Sriprasad S Bhat
      Sriprasad S Bhat

      Would like to nominate Morten Wittrock for his wonderful blogs!!

      Author's profile photo Kuldeep Kumar
      Kuldeep Kumar


      I would like to nominate ANKIT CHAUHAN for his tireless efforts in SAP Business One SDK area. There have been too many reasons to nominate him and one of them is that whatever I know today about SAP Business One SDK, is just because of this guy. And I really owe him for this.

      Others are:

      1. You can see him moderating all the time.
      2. 383 Answers tell all the story about his knowledge.
      3. There have been many discussions on community where he has took the initiative and resolved the issue after discussing with his Development Team.

      So my vote for ANKIT CHAUHAN . All the best to him.


      Kuldeep Sharma



      Author's profile photo ANKIT CHAUHAN

      Hi Kuldeep,

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know. You're very, very welcome.

      And there is nothing that I have done, it is all your efforts and willingness to learn.

      Thank you once again 🙂

      Kind regards,


      SAP Business One Support

      Author's profile photo Dhiraj Dharan
      Dhiraj Dharan

      Dear all,

      I would also nominate to ANKIT CHAUHAN for all his support, efforts and expertise in SAP Business One SDK Area.


      Author's profile photo Jayakumar Indracanti
      Jayakumar Indracanti

      I Nominate Former Member for EHS. He is doing excellent work for past many years. He answers very patiently and goes extra mile in pulling all the relevant links and shows them in the reply.

      Thanks and Regards


      Author's profile photo Jayakumar Indracanti
      Jayakumar Indracanti

      Former Member Christoph Bergemann.

      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy


      I Would like to nominate Morten WittrockMorten WittrockMorten Wittrockfor insightful blogs!!

      thanks and regards,

      Praveen T


      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy

      I would like to nominate Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat  for his contribution towards community responding to the questions and his contribution with blogs.


      thanks and regards,

      Praveen T

      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy

      I would like to nominate Eng Swee Yeoh for the detailed blogs!

      keep blogging !!


      thanks and regards,

      Praveen T

      Author's profile photo Ian Thain
      Ian Thain
      Blog Post Author

      The public nominations for our two separate Hero Programs, Developer and Community 2018, are now closed for this year.

      We at Developer Relations, would like to thank all of you that took the time to nominate and I’m sure that I speak for the nominees themselves, that they appreciate your kind thoughts and support in recognising their efforts & hard work!

      It is now down to us to process these public nominations.

      The results will be revealed for the first time at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas later this year and simultaneously in a blog

      Author's profile photo Vinita Yadav
      Vinita Yadav

      Hi Ian & Jerry,

      No such activity scheduled this year as mentioned in this blog ?