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Evaluation of Web Access Feature in SAP Business One 9.2 PL03


Can we access SBO 9.2 without an internet access?  
No, you need internet access,

If the internet connection went done for unknown reason, does our changes remains, or will be removed?
No, your transactions will not be affected within the case of the internet disconnected, once the internet come back, you can continue your work from the point where you stopped,

If we refresh the browser, will your changes be gone?
Yes, when you press F5 to refresh the page (or refresh manually), the current window disappears, and the site goes back to the initial window that you logged-on.

If the session timed-out, will your changes be gone?
Yes, if the session timed-out (default time after 10 minutes), you should enter your credentials again, and it’s like you just begin a new session,


As a MANAGER user can I logon to more than one session at the same time, even from different IPs?
Yes, by default NO, but via modifying the SLD settings, change the Initial Processes and Idle Processes you can do it,

As a RANDOM user can I logon to more than one session at the same time, even from different IPs?
No, once you start a new session in the same browser/IP, or from different browser/IP, you will lose one of the current connections,
but you can open sessions as many as you want via Remote Desktop.

What are the supported browsers?
Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome V.47 or later


Other issues;

  • If we logged in from any browser and this tab just closed, and we forgot from which one we just logged on, we’ll not be able to start a new session until we log out from the first one, and the point is that, we don’t know from where did we logged in!!! and SBO doesn’t provide us the ability to direct log out from the first session,


  • Session Timeout

Session Timeout for Browser Access client is hardcoded for maximum 10 minutes and cannot be configured beyond 10 minutes using “Screen Locking Time” option, as SAP said, according to an SAP article they said it can be changed, SAP Note: 2434448 (this’s just for 9.2 they solve it for 9.3),

If we have some opened documents in SBO Web, and our session just ended, SBO required us to logon again because we just logged out, and all our opened windows will be lost.



Is the ability to Print documents in PDF format, available with Web Access Feature?
Yes, we can print the documents from inside SBO with PDF format,

Is the ability to Export documents in Excel format, available with Web Access Feature?
We can export the documents from SBO with TXT format, then open it with MS Excel fully formatted.

Is the ability to Direct Print, available with Web Access Feature?
The direct printing function is not supported. You can download the PDF first and then print it.


Issues Faced Data Entries

  • Search Field in the Upper Corner

Using the Search field in the upper-right corner, for the Arabic interface users, the BP, Items codes doesn’t appear.

After defining the required value in the Search Field, the search operation will not start by press Enter, until press the Search button by mouse.


  • Accounts’ Balances Appearance

For Arabic Front-End Users, in CoA, the Accounts’ Balances display in a way that is incorrectly, unreadable and meaningless.


  • Item Description/BP Name Appearance Hints in Marketing Documents

In any document, when typing an item code, the item description doesn’t appear clearly until adjust the borders of the field.

Via Remote Desktop, typing an invoice, SBO provides us hints for the Item Description/BP Name for the (symbols, letters) that we just typed, on the other hand, Web Access doesn’t provide any.


  • Visibility of the Main Toolbar when open new Report/Form

In SBO 9.2 PL03, opening any window in SBO covers the main toolbar in the top of the window, which restricts the easiness of reaching the required tools.

When you maximize a report window, it will hide the upper tool bar, main menu, and system message log. These problems are solved in 9.2 PL08,

  • Managing Layout and Sequence

Can’t manage and edit the templates layouts (PLD) via Web Access, just from Remote Desktop, didn’t solve even in PL08,

in SAP Web Access

in SAP Client Software working via Remote Desktop,

  • Ability to Copy/Paste/Print to/from SBO
    • In SBO 9.2 PL03, one of the most important features, copy a random Excel table and paste it in SBO is not working properly, it’s solved in SBO 9.2 PL08.
      for example; an invoice with more than 150 rows! Has prepared in an excel sheet, and we want to paste it in the A/R Invoice according to the columns segregation in SBO, all copied columns from excel will be pasted in one column in SBO!
    • In SBO 9.2 PL03, copy Table function is not supported in the right click menu, it’s solved in SBO 9.2 PL08

in SAP Client Software via Remote Desktop,

in SAP Web Access 9.2 PL08

  • Printing reports directly is not supported. You can preview the report as a PDF and then print it as a PDF file.


  • Business Partners List Shortcut in Journal Entry
    In Remote Desktop, in Journal Entry, Press Ctrl + Tab provides you the List of Business Partners, which is necessary for the daily work, but in Web Access this feature exist with different one (Alt + Shift + Q) but it doesn’t work from the first time, you have to press it twice to take effect, in the first time you get The List of Accounts instead of BP List.


  • Query Generator and System Information
    The view system information and string information functions are not supported, according to that the using of Query Generator is useless, because you don’t know which fields you want to get the data from.


  • Minimize the Opened Windows
    when minimize an opened window, instead of putting it in bottom of the screen, SBO puts it in top of the screen and may be covers the tool bar with it.


Other Issues

  • Cockpit function is not supported (Administration -> System Initialization -> General Settings -> Cockpit) in SBO 9.2 PL03, solved in PL08,

  • Sap Business One Appearance

Changing font and font size are not supported.

The Windows color function is not supported; relevant menus are disabled: Windows -> Color


  • Relationship Map

In SAP Business One 9.2 PL03, can’t know what are the related documents to a specific one. In SBO 9.2 PL08 they solve it,

  • Authorizations Window

Opening via Manager user, Modules > Administration > System Initialization > Authorizations, this window doesn’t appear via Web Access,

  • In which company database we’re working on?

While working via Remote Desktop, we have the ability to know in which company database we’re working on, but via Web Access we don’t have such an ability,

Hope this one was helpful,

to download the complete and updated document;

Evaluation of Web Access Feature of SBO 9.2

for any suggestions or inquiries, please feel free to reach me out,



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