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Create Shareable Folder inside Windows Server to be Accessible outside it

Sometimes regarding to follow the security purposes, we need to close the ability of Direct Copy and Paste from/to Windows Server, put mentioning that we need to transfer files and data from/to Windows Server we need a pipe that allows us to do such a mission,

For that, during this post we’ll illustrate how create a Shareable Folder and give the proper permissions to it to be accessible outside the server,


Inside the server on your desktop, right-click > New > Folder, give it a name,

Right-click on the created file > Properties > Sharing > Advance Sharing

A new window will appear to you “Advanced Sharing” > activate “Share this folder”

You could define a Share Name for the folder,

Now we should give the proper permissions to this folder according to our needs,

Inside the “Advanced Sharing” window > Permissions > a new window will appear to you, click on “Add” button and define your user account on the server to be accessible just from your side according to your needs to the other users on the server,

If you don’t know your full user name on the server, you may type apart from it and click on “Check” button to provide the full user name,

Then you can provide the permission to this folder: Full Control, Change, Read,

To access this folder from your local machine, press Windows +R, a new window appears “RUN”, inside of it, type “\\ (The Server IP/Name)”

After entering your Server IP/Name click Enter, and the Windows Explorer will open a new window under the Network > your Server IP/Name and open all Shareable Folders existed in side this server,


Hope this one was helpful,

to download the documentation:

Create Shareable Folder inside Windows Server to be Accessible outside it

for your inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to reach me out,


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