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Change the SA SQL Account Password for SAP Business One 9.2

Go to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS),

Enter your administrating credentials to connect to the server,

Under the Object Explorer > Security > Logins > sa (double click on it)

A new pop-up window will appear “Login Properties – sa” > General > enter the new password and confirm it,

Click “ok” and your changes is saved,

Now we should go to the SLD – System Landscape Directory to associate this password with the existed databases in the server,

From SAP Business One Service Manager > License Manager > Settings, a new window will appear to you “General Settings” > Configure Security

Enter your credentials to access the
System Landscape Directory – SLD

Enter the (B1SiteUser) user credentials,

Inside the System Landscape Directory – SLD, mark out the Server Name, and click Edit button, then enter the new SA Database User Password,

We’re all set ?


hope this one helpful,

to download the documentation:

Change the SA SQL Account Password for SAP Business One 9.2

for your suggestions and inquiries, please feel free to reach me out,


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  • I'd probably say don't ever use the sa password. It's a bad practice. Create a specific server login and give it the sysadm server role and use that instead.  Having said this then your process only changes the password for the SAP database and not for the actual SLD service itself (same for B1i). If the SLD was configured to use the sa user and password then the SLD will not be able to read it's own database to then be able to use the credentials you are changing.

    • Does that mean that it is a bad practice to change the password from the SLD as well? Then what would be the best way if you need to change the password of the SQL user?

      • Hi Paul

        No. By all means the process is good but just to say when installing don't use SA as a login. Create a new SQL Login with the sysadm server role and use that instead.