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Why SAP S/4Hana is the New Buzz in Town?

Companies can take advantage of an always digitally connected and controlled ‘Big Data’ World. This is only possible with a great speed business integrated approach and using innovative technologies which can be an accelerator as well as being digitally connected. It can be globally connected via social platforms, mobile and give real-time analytics. Today, businesses can be connected globally through the cloud with an integrated ERP solution. These innovative technological solutions offer a high-speed business approach, intelligence, customer dynamics and digital roadmaps for the industry. It also offers a framework for organizations who are ready to embark on a path of digital transformation. SAP S / 4HANA provides a well efficient platform which can easily integrate extensive knowledge of digital platforms and combine industry expertise to drive global delivery capabilities. SAP S/4Hana can also help organizations to create differentiated customize solutions and skills for their business activities and get more involved with their customers in a new and more meaningful way.

Why SAP S/4Hana

SAP S / 4Hana is a new next-generation business system designed to generate value for all business areas such as customer support, finance, human resources, business intelligence, and finance. However, industries are aiming to simplify and customize SAP S / 4Hana to set up and integrate a basic platform on cloud; on-site and off-site. Hybrid implementation options can also give companies and its customers maximum choices in terms of data entry. With SAP S / 4Hana, it implements a simplified vision of business models which can help managers to take intelligent and logical reasons and decisions, business processes, user experience and computer landscape through road mapping for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the Cloud, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), supply chain Management Innovation (SCM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It can further help companies to manage their business options independently and seriously in the digital economy to review and evaluate their value in a competitive environment.

Number of Intelligent Features

With the help of SAP S / 4Hana, it can efficiently and effectively support companies to develop new business models to implement, deliver, distribute and manage your intelligent business processes. The potential of SAP S/4Hana can be unlocked and explained in several ways:

Business Operational efficiency

SAP S / 4Hana increases efficiency to integrate business processes with an analysis in transaction context and eliminate long time taking batch processing.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

All components of SAP S / 4Hana can be easily integrated on Cloud, through a truly hybrid cloud for the efficient delivery approach.


The hybrid cloud would allow a different integrated approach with the definition of better and deeper user interface levels that would enable the SAP solution for business processes. Their components would also work better together and with ecosystem solutions.

An Integrated Platform

SAP S / 4Hana can be easily integrated on a cloud platform. Business organizations can build integrated business applications much faster and more profitable. An integrated platform would also allow more ways to connect and use data generated by commercial transactions and interactions with customers, regardless of the complicated system that executes it.

More Flexibility Options

SAP S/4Hana has more options for development architecture and integrated solutions. Business organizations can easily integrate their digital platforms.

The Potential of SAP S/4Hana

Organizations with professional services in finance, delivery, e-commerce or logistics can adopt SAP S/4Hana for their business processes and get benefit from it by integrated their complicated business processes on a single platform. Organizations who want to go beyond real-time reporting can implement SAP S/4Hana for live search features and options for complicated database, which can become much faster, smarter, more agile and connected. More and more features on user-interface can be implemented in SAP S/4Hana innovations such as different form integration, which can be grouped together. This would allow flexibility for integrated huge amounts of database information. For those business organizations that want to stay with the pace and implement state-of-the-art technologies, to optimize intelligent business processes and relationships between customers then SAP S/4Hana is the best solution for them.

At the same time, they can also start planning their digital roadmap with SAP S/4Hana innovations. This transformation can be implemented in a single cycle as the organization can collect commercial advantages. Development options can layout the foundations for the transformation of the company as new innovations of this technology are becoming more available. Business organizations can then take a short journey towards transformation and innovation, with the exclusive features of SAP S/4Hana.

The Impact of SAP S/4Hana on Your Business

It’s no secret that SAP S/4Hana would enable businesses to access data at an unprecedented speed, in real-time operational visibility with data loading. With the main SAP S/4Hana suite, its platform can be taken as an autonomous disruptive database can help your company to understand ocean of options, as well as clearly convey the effects of these options for your users, customers, managers and daily operations. This platform strategy is well business-oriented, as it considers both aspects of the impact of information technology and customer database.

Most importantly, it drives the true value of the business processes and integrated them altogether. It lays out a foundation for business information (BI) and customer database systems. It may seem like a daunting task at first for some organizations that raise issues like:

  • How can my organization separate the hype from reality? 
  • What are the possible business cases for SAP S/4Hana implementation? 
  • What is the total return that will justify the investment? 
  • How can we determine if and when our company will be ready to move towards SAP S/4Hana implementation? 
  • What skills do I need to support this new technology in the future? 
  • What does the active storage solution cost?

One of the common misconceptions about SAP S/4Hana is the high-cost licenses and equipment, which means that the return on investment is non-existent or very wide. However, its adoption strategy to achieve enterprise value is real, as it drives a strategic value with customer database and analysis. Your business can specify the path that you want to track with SAP S/4Hana. The platform will check your current database landscape and give out the desired final status in a matter of seconds. It will also help you to understand your specific business challenges and determine how well it can be applied to your business organization and its goals.

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