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I have to go through this scenario recently and meet with some small issues. I just would like to write down the detail step here in case you might also need in the future.
1. Create a new Survey with Category: Satisfaction
for survey question, just define a simple question with Date as anweser type: When do you start to work with ABAP?
Save the survey and write down its ID 75 for later usage.
2. Create a Workflow rule for BO Opportunity. This defined workflow will be triggered every time when an Opportunity is saved.
Workflow condition:
For the action to be executed, define type as E-Mail and upload the email body via a local file:
The local file looks as below.
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
<p>Dear customer, please kindly provide your valuable feedback by click on this link below </p>
<a href="#SURVEY75#">Please Complete this Survey</a>
<p>Thank you,</p>
<p>Customer Care</p>
Use #SURVEY75# as place holder. In the runtime, a concrete url will be automatically generated by C4C backend using the question and answer designed for survey ID 75.
Also add a #SURVEY75# as placeholder and map it to a given field. For mapped Field, just choose one from drop down list.
In Recipient Determination, specify the role which will be notified by this workflow.
3. Create a new Opportunity which fulfills the workflow condition: Account ID = 1000838
Add Jerry Wang to account Manager role as workflow recipient:
Save the opportunity. Then there is a new mail sent to my email box:
Click the hyperlink in the mail to open the survey in the browser:
Fill the survey and submit it:
In the Results tab, we can see all the survey results are listed there.
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