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Knowing the Associated Tables with a Specific Template in SAP Business One 9.2

to know the tables and columns on your own through your system, you can know through the following steps;

from View in the top toolbar, check/enable System Information, or by using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I

know hover over on any document in SAP Business One such; A/R Invoice, Journal Entries, Business Partner Master Data, … and check the bottom tab to view the String Info, Table, and Column codes.


in the following screenshot, you see that I hovered over the Customer code field in A/R invoice, and if check the bottom tab you may see that the table name OINV, and the column number CardCode

now you may take the table code OINV, and use it in the Query Generator, via Tools > Queries > Query Generator

now in a new window will be opened QUERY GENERATOR, you can type the table number in the field OINV, and you can see the complete table’s columns

Templates and Tables Names

Many templates are represented by more than one table.

Ex: the Sales Order uses table ORDR for the header and table RDR1 for the document rows.

In order to run queries, you need to know the names of the SAP Business One tables and fields.

SAP Business One uses this convention for all marketing documents – the header table starts with “O” and the row table uses the last three letters of the header table name with end of “1”. Ex” ORDR à RDR1

to download the complete documentation, please find here;

knowing the Associated Tables with a specific Template


hope this one helps you, for any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me,



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