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Real-Time Monitoring With The Smart Maintenance Dashboard

In this blog post I would like to introduce you to our UI5 app “Smart Maintenance Dashboard”.


What is the application for?

The Smart Maintenance Dashboard is used for real-time monitoring of machine data. A color-coded indicator shows immediately whether a production line is outside the predefined threshold values. This enables a quick reaction.


How does the application work?

Basically, it’s differentiate between the UI Designer and the Process Designer. The UI Designer is used to configure the application interface. Into the Process Designer, the process is created and the logic configured.


UI Designer

The individual screens of the application are created in the UI Designer. To fill them with life, the widgets on the left side are used for the layout. These widgets can also be addressed in the Process Designer.


Process Designer

For a better overview, the processes are split into different user stories, that are shown in the following screenshot in tile form.

In the next step let’s take a closer look at a user story. The screenshot below shows the logic behind the process.

The custom event Reload_Data triggers a business object that gets the settings (layout) from the user. The process steps below it display the dashboard based on the selected settings. The monitoring of the manufacturing system is started with the two subsequent business objects. The connector subscribed to OPC UA, so that values are transferred every second. Everything that happens after the connector serves to display the values.

The UI5 code of the configured process is generated in the Code Designer.


Creating and Configuring a Machine

The application starts with a login mask, where the roles and rights are checked by logging in. This means that each user can only see the data he or she really needs.


In the dashboard the user sees an overview of all machines assigned to him. For each machine he gets information about manufacturer and sensor data. The sensor data is displayed in the shape of a chart. In addition, the user can perform the following activities for each machine, that will be explained below:

  • Remote Service Call

  • Create notification in the SAP system

  • Detail view


The creation of a new machine, that is to be monitored afterwards, takes only a few clicks. Use the plus icon (top right) to add the new machine. The user is requested to select the device, to define sensors and to specify corresponding threshold values (min and max). Once created, the user is redirected back to the dashboard.


Smart Remote Service Call

Machines are often susceptible to breakdowns, routine maintenance of complex systems or replacement of consumable parts. To repair the damage as quickly as possible, an expert usually has to be called. Getting there often takes time and ties up valuable resources. The solution to this problem is the smart remote service call.



An expert can be called in without any problems using the remote service call function.



Using video streaming and audiovisual support, the expert can guide the user through the maintenance or repair process without having to leave his workplace.


Create notification in the SAP system

Another function of the app is to create a notification in the SAP system. As soon as one of the machines exceeds or falls below the previously defined threshold value, it lights up red. The user can act immediately and store the anomalies in the SAP system.

Notification Type and Functional Location are automatically taken over during entry. The user can also leave a short text, name (Reported by) and a more detailed text. When you click on Create Notification, the malfunction report is stored in the system.


Detail view

The last selection field is the detail view. The user can view the name, the description and the location of the machine (address).



The user is also shown a structure list for the machine and a view of all notifications already created in the SAP system.


At last a detailed view of the data of the sensor helps for more clarity.



With our UI5 App “Smart Maintenance Dashboard” the monitoring of machine data becomes child’s play! Machine downtimes can be avoided, as continuous monitoring takes place and does not have to be interrupted for routine maintenance. Minimizing travel time and costs is also a big advantage for companies, as much can be done remotely with the right applications.

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