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Fixed Bin concept in SAP WM vs EWM

This document is to give the brief overview on the fixed bin concept of SAP Warehouse Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

Most of warehouses prefer to keep the stock  in constant storage bins , so that they can have some ease in doing the physical transactions especially for the warehouse users who are working in the warehouses since long time.

In general fixed bin concept or fixed bin put away is nothing but every material is mapped with unique storage bin , so that when put away is happening , system will suggest the respective bin to storage that particular material.

In SAP WM , to achieve the fixed bin we need to follow the below steps

As a first step we need to assign the put away strategy “F- Fixed bin” to the storage type where we are going to store the materials

Configuration path : IMG –> Logistics Execution –> Warehouse Management –> Master data –> Define Storage type

Once we assign the fixed bin strategy to the storage type , then we have make sure that every material is assigned with the storage bins of that particular storage type . This can be done in assigning the storage bin in material master – warehouse management 2 view

T.Code : MM02 / MM01


by having these two settings we can activate the fixed bin strategy in SAP ERP WM.

With proper “Activate storage type search” configuration, and stock placement indicator in material type helps to identify the storage type . Once the storage type identified then Fixed bin put away strategy will play a role to identify the storage bin.

Here in SAP WM ,there is a limitation of assigning only one storage bin to the material master. we can only assign one bin to the material master. If the bin is occupied , then system will suggest reserve storage type based on our configuration . Some times “Near picking bin -K ” put away strategy helps in those conditions like if system could not place the stock in fixed bins.

This limitation has overcame in EWM , we can manage multiple storage bins for single material in EWM.

In EWM we need to configure the storage type to deal with fixed bin storage. check boxes  “Use Fixed bins” and “Check max no. bins” will influence the fixed bin storage.

In customizing for SCM Extended Warehouse Management, go to Extended Warehouse Management → Master Data → Define Storage Type.

after having this check boxes marked , we need to adopt the storage type data and maintain the maximum number of bins in warehouse product


After this we need to assign the fixed storage bins to the product by using following path

From the EWM Index screen, choose Extended Warehouse Management → Master Data → Storage Bin → Assign Fixed Storage Bins to Products



enter the product number , warehouse and storage type and No.of storage bins to be maintained for that product . With this transaction , system automatically assigns the storage bins based on the sequence.

or else fixed storage bins can be maintained manually using the below transaction or path

From the EWM Index screen, choose Extended Warehouse Management → Master Data → Storage Bin → Maintain Fixed Storage bin

By clicking on new entry button , we can maintain the storage bin to warehouse product.

Once all this master data settings done , with the put away control indicator , Storage type search sequence configuration will helps to identify the right storage type to put away the goods . Once storage type identified system will suggest fixed bins based on our settings.

fixed bins can be seen from the product master as well




Santhosh Surata



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  • Hi Santosh,


    Thank you for sharing this detailed explanation.


    I created 1 fixed bin in SAP EWM, with min. and max capacity, but when I try to transfer more than max capacity - it accepted it. so what I am doing wrong here, why it is not following max capacity rule?

    please advise.

    Thank you in advance!!

  • I think one very important piece of information is missing here when comparing WM with EWM. In WM the fixed bin is permanently assigned to a material while in EWM ti seems that this is not possible anymore. The moment when the storage bin gets empty, the assignment is deleted.
  • Nice article. Just to add, there are two types of fixed bin assignments in EWM

    1) Directly to the product as explained in the above.

    2) Dynamic fixed bin assignment. In this case, once putaway is complete, the destination bin becomes the fixed bin and as soon as product is removed, the fixed bin assignment is deleted.