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An Overview of SAP Hybris Marketing

A lot of materials come out for advertisement, campaigns, and social media & digital ads. Most companies use SEO keywords in their marketing strategy, so that their products can easily be searched in google or other search engines. Others bombard their customers with emails or social media ads. All of which are good working avenues for marketing but could also be considered inefficient if one does study the market thoroughly. Usually a lack of analysis will not help a company smartly advertise and sell a product or service.


Truth be told, not everyone perceives marketing materials as helpful or relevant. Most online ads are ignored, not every email is clicked and is even considered junk. Also, response rate from digital ads can come pretty low. Instead of just sending mass campaign advertisement and emails, companies must study their customers and know which groups of people can relate to specific ads. Else this could eventually mean customer loss which can easily be done by clicking unsubscribe.

Data gathering and analytics are relevant in resolving these issues. SAP Hybris Marketing has this solution which provides tools like data collection and metrics to help managers and marketers better their strategies and improve their budget use. In summary, SAP Hybris Marketing gathers customer interaction data which is then contextualized based on interests and behavior. A score or rating is usually placed on these groups of data and is then used in creating target groups for which campaigns will be executed and sent. SAP Hybris Marketing allows these campaigns to be deployed in different channels such as in social media, emails, and SMS.


Marketing & Data Management. As mentioned earlier, data gathering and analysis are relevant for tackling issues in businesses’ marketing strategy. Companies will have the advantage to get to know their market playing field which includes customer behavior. The data management solution of SAP Hybris Marketing allows companies to get to know their customers in real-time which allows social monitoring and engagement. With this real-time data, managers and marketers have the control in picking and matching customer profiles for which their marketing materials can be sent.

Segmentation. Segmentation uses Big Data technology in real-time. SAP Hybris Marketing includes exploration tools to better visualize data that have been gathered. It uses predictive analytics to create and optimize target groups and audiences. Marketers can also analyze and play around with data from different sources including unstructured data from social media as well as SAP and non-SAP data.

Acquisition. Acquisition is a solution within SAP Hybris Marketing which allows execution of multi-channel campaigns as well as trigger-based marketing campaigns. Channels include email, SMS, CRM, call centers, online stores, social media, and paid searches. Managers and marketers can create marketing content such as emails and landing pages, which can be personalized in content.

Recommendation & Retargeting (Convert). Recommendations are the usual suggested posts we see in our social media pages like Facebook. Recommendations make use of predictive analytics and self-learning models. It can integrate with SAP Hybris Commerce and can be deployed in any other channel and not just through social media pages. Retargeting on the other hand, allows marketers to create a sequence of campaign steps to lead back customers to their product. The solution includes A/B Testing to test out the rules and campaign steps that have been put in place. It also does real-time scoring of browsing behavior which ensures that campaigns are always align with the customers interests.

Planning & Insight. This solution allows collaborative planning (SAP Jam). Moreover, Planning allows managers to have an overview of the marketing budget and actuals spent on marketing. They can have visibility on digital spending and can drill down to key figures such as Campaign Categories, Programs, Regions, Media Types, etc. Insight is where KPI’s are defined from multiple data sources and where data is extracted to produce reports. It has a visualization catalogue, filtering, and multiple drill-down and detailed views to get a summary or snapshot of business results. The forms produced inside Insights are desktop, tablet, and smartphone supported.

Loyalty. Loyalty provides ways to encourage customer retention and also referrals. Some examples of this are giving out loyalty card and coupons. It also uses embedded analytics and integrates with SAP Hybris Commerce.

Reference: openSAP Course: Experience SAP Hybris Solutions

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