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After a long wait or more than a decade(personally), we finally have the most awaited feature in document management capability in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 version in SPS 06 onwards.

Yes, it is now possible to have the mass upload of documents in SAP Solution Manager including their attribute maintenance.

We recently upgraded couple of customer on Solution Manager 7.2 SPS06 or SPS07 and finally seen this new functionality working out of box. Ofcourse, it was earlier working in Build Add-on etc. but it was with few customers only.

Above is now available to all and it is really a much awaited features boosting the usage of documentation in Solution Documentation scenario of Solution Manager.

However, if you have upgraded your solution manager from 7.1 version to latest Solution Manager 7.2 SPS06 or SPS07 then it will be hidden be default in SOLDOC.

You should perform below simple step to enable it.

Step 1 – Goto solution documentation tile from fiori launchpad or enter soldoc transaction code.

Choose the ribbon or global menu and select SHOW DROP AREA.

Step 2 : We should be able to see the button or area in the lower portion of screen DROP DOCUMENTS HERE as below.

Hence, we can now drag and drop several documents which can be of type pdf/document/excel files etc. from our local desktop/laptop to specific location in solution documentation.

In addition, I would like to also share that I have seen sometime a below error i.e. SERVICE CANNOT BE REACHED.

It is a bit difficult to troubleshoot as it didn’t provide much information here but basically we need to activate one SICF service.

Kindly visit SICF transaction and activate below service i.e. SMUD_DROP_DOCS.

Once it is activated you will be able to see the button for mass upload as below.

Really an exciting feature and will share some information regarding the same latter. It is really saving huge efforts for maintaining or uploading several documents at the same time.

Feel free to share your opinion about the same.



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  1. Manjesh Mohan

    Hi Prakhar,

    Thanks for this blog for the mass upload of documents to SOLMAN 7.2. Since our SOLMAN 7.2 SPS is on 03, do we get this feature? Hope not according to your blog, right!

    And, as we are in the process of migrating the documents, is there a standard procedure to do the same between the below systems? As of now, we’ve the only option to manually export/download the documents from the T-code SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN -> Double Click on TMASTER01 Project -> then from Menu, Goto -> Project -> Configuration -> Click on a single row/document -> then click on export and import/upload it to new target SOLMAN 7.2 system.

    SAP EHP 1 for SAP Solution Manager 7.0 -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2 SPS 03

    Please advise if we could achieve this task in an efficient way, as we are scared of the stupendous time required to download/upload the entire documents constituting of more than 20k one by one.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Manjesh Mohan.

    1. Prakhar Saxena Post author

      Hi Manjesh,

      Yes, it is only in new version which I have shared already.

      for older release the pretty standard way is to update or upgrade your system but I understand it is more difficult way for you as it is SM 7.0

      You can try KW document download(search it) option to get all the documents first step and then next steps is to upload in SM 7.2. But, if you are not on SM 7.2 SP06 or later then you can use excel option as per below note.

      hope this helps



  2. Manjesh Mohan

    Thanks for your advise, Prakhar.

    But the documents downloaded are named with the OBJ ID (alphanumeric) it seems, not with the actual name and there is no folder structure created in order to identify from which folder/subfolder the document holds so as to upload/replicate the same to the folder/subfolder structure in the new SOLMAN. It seems that there is a great flaw in this area that in order to do this task efficiently, we’ve the only option to do it fully manually. At least if we could get the raw physical files (.doc/.xls/etc) from the OS level/server then it would be ease to some good extent which is also not possible!

    1. Prakhar Saxena Post author

      Hi Manjesh,

      Yes, all this pain is from more than 10 years which I have mentioend and nothing new here. This is also the reason where many customer have 3rd party tools or develop reports to extrat it from content server of solman which is the source for all documentation.

      There are many more ways to do it however as they are not standard(apart from custom development) and achieving the same but I can’t share with you but yes there are very few ways of managing it. Wish you good luck further.




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