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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Dashboard Builder – new features with SP07

As SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP07 is available since a few weeks I want to take the opportunity to provide some information concerning the new functionality within the Dashboard Builder. The following new features are new with SP07:

  • Usage of BW Queries with mandatory variables as data source
  • New tile size “Full screen”
  • New filter options “Greater than or equal to” and “Less than or equal to”
  • Support of Stacked column chart in Smart View
  • Navigation to external applications via BAdI

Usage of BW Queries with mandatory variables as data source

With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP07 it’s now possible to use BW Queries with mandatory input variables. In case you choose a BW Query with one or more mandatory variables, an icon next to the Data Source Name appears (highlighted in red below). If you click on the icon, you get a pop-up where you need to set a value or a value range (depending on the variable type). This value or range is used to filter the BW Query. The value help can be used to select a value or value range.

New tile size “Full screen”

We introduced a new tile size “Full screen” which can be set in the tile configuration. This might be useful e.g. in case you want to display a table with many columns and then drill-down into details. An example that makes use of the full screen tile size is the Traceability Matrix:

New filter options “Greater than or equal to” and “Less than or equal to”

In the Global Filter you can now define the options “Greater than or equal to” and “Less than or equal to”:


Support of Stacked column chart in Smart View

In the Smart View you can now use and configure a stacked column chart. It’s possible to define whether a field should be used a category or as series. E.g. you want to display the number of Incidents by status and calendar month. The calendar month should be shown on the x-axis whereas the Incident status should be stacked in the column chart.

In this case you can set the field “Calendar year/month” as category and the field “Status” as series in the Smart View configuration:

The Stacked column chart is displayed accordingly in the Smart View.


Navigation to external applications via BAdI

In the tile configuration it’s now possible to define multiple jumps to external applications via a BAdI implementation. For some applications like e.g. “Business Process Analytics Adhoc” and “Business Process Analytics Classic” we provide already BAdI implementation that can be used. But it’s possible to create your own BAdI implementation and to register the application in the tile configuration in case you want to navigate to any other application.

Within the BAdI implementation you can define multiple jump targets to external applications. It’s possible to navigate on a single row or on table header level. If you navigate on a single row the context values can be passed over in order to use them in the external application.

You can find more information on how to create a BAdI implementation for the external application navigation in the SAP Help Portal.


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    • Hi Vincent,

      that's a valid requirement which I already included in our backlog. Currently this is not supported. At the moment it is possible to export the data within the detail views to Excel.

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Hello Thomas,

    we have successfully created Dashboads showing useful Landscape Information based on self written Function Modules. Now we want to put the Dashboards on Monitors with Mini-PCs hanging in different offices. They should work in Kiosk-Mode, meaning without the need of logging on. I thought it would be possible to create an external alias in SICF pointing to the Dashboard App sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/dsh_builder_ui5 and putting the logon data "hard" in the External Alias. But I still have to logon. I also put the logon data for test reason directly in the Service dsh_builder_ui5 but still with no success. If this is generally not working, can you think about this feature? Other Monitoring Apps are able to create public Dashboards.

    Thank you and kind regards,


    • Hello Stefan,

      there are several additional Dashboard Builder-related services in SICF:


      Not all should be relevant in the end user mode. But if you hardcode the logon data for these services, there should be no logon screen showing up (not sure how it will behave if you use an external alias in SICF pointing to these services).

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Hi Thomas,


    Since Interactive Reporting is gone in later SPS of SolMan 7.20, I am still rooting for the functionality of the reports broadcasting. Is there a way to broadcast to mail based on schedule? ALso, it seems that not all WB queries that works, if done manually, can be used in Dashboard Builder. I have been having difficulty doing this and there is no way to progress further. After providing mandatory variables and it asks for a key figure there is no additional option to provide that.



    • Hi Jennah,

      unfortunately the broadcasting functionality is not provided in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as the instance BI_JAVA is not included in the product stack. There are some limitations concerning the BW Queries that can be used within the Dashboard Builder. Concerning the issue related to the mandatory variables I would suggest to create an Incident so that my colleagues can analyze it.

      Thanks and regards, Thomas