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Innovation with a Change of Perspective

I’ve been somewhat absent from the blogging scene on SCN other than for a couple of brief updates on activities inside COIL Silicon Valley. Additionally, I continue to publish a blog on the Digitalist online.

Armed with a decade of experience developing and managing hands in innovation projects among SAP and its ecosystem, I’ve opted to now explore cloud and more specifically public cloud innovation. Joining as a cloud development architect with the SAP Multi Cloud team, it is one of my aspirations is to bring skill and understanding of IIoT and edge computing closer to a reliable pairing with a public cloud architecture.

I view this role having multiple dimensions. It is a role that somehow synthesizes a relentless drive to cloud adoption with contributing to cloud strategy and developing a relevant cloud architecture buoyed by continuous innovation and integration.  Making it relevant means to work across many teams and market units. A cloud architecture’s touch spans a great deal from application development to data management to operations management, identity and access control to governance. There is great deal of orchestration which must occur to harness measurable result from a collective of functional architects.

I will continue blogging on my current projects to highlight innovations and their use cases.  I’ve no target date in mind for my next blog, but let me close here to share with you, some of the work that SAP NS2 continues to drive from its COIL project work.

The U.S. intelligence community recognizes the value and importance of publicly available information (PAI).  You can probably think of a dozen possible sources for it (news feeds, social media, etc.) within a few seconds knowing there could still be more sources to add to your list.

This is open source intelligence and its valuable in both the public and private sector as PAI becomes further incorporated in to the traditional data foraging, filtering, processing, exploitation, analysis and visualization performed to generate actionable intelligence. Using Intelligent Data Fusion with a model which does more than classify fake news but further provides some insight into a story’s origin and purpose.  This coil project work looks precisely at effective ways to synthesize and fuse PAI data with other sources of structured and unstructured private data.

Detection and classification of fake news requires the use of multiple analytical processing functions, including text analysis, graph processing, geospatial processing, and complex, high-speed SQL query processing. SAP Hana covers it. Enjoy this latest white paper and perhaps you may even try to build your own fake news detector in time for the mid-term elections. ?

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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Hm, in ABAP world PAI means something different. 🙂 Didn't know there was another acronym.

      Pretty interesting document. I just wish that "wanna chat?" window wouldn't pop up like 3 seconds after opening it. 🙁

      Speaking of semantic analysis - could you guys possibly help SAP Community team with delivering that functionality we've been promised in 2016 when a person comes here to post a question and, as they type, some magic automatically searches for similar existing questions? It does exist right now but is not working. So people keep asking the same questions and it is annoying AF.

      That would be pretty cool to see SAP Community use SAP's own brain power.

      Thanks for sharing!



      Author's profile photo David Cruickshank
      David Cruickshank
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for your comment. I've advocated for a long time that other teams inside SAP should look to further leveraging the coil project work done by the NS2 team- Lot's of applicability for solving analytics matters.