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Eliminating Manual Process In SAP Payments Stream

SAP has many strengths as a system, ranging from security to management. However, one of the most glaring shortfalls that SAP has is its ability to deal with digital payments. Credit card payments make up a large volume of individual customer payments, but in recent years, B2B clients have also taken to digital payments as means of ensuring their invoices are processed on time and without delay. The accepted integrated payment solution for SAP is called Delego and it serves as a seamless link between SAP and the payment processor.

Streamlining the Payment Process

Delego’s major selling point stems from its ability to offer a solution that integrates with SAP and allows for improved payment time and security. Instead of having to manually input credit card information or to manually update information which has to be run through a separate payment system, Delego offers a company the ability to process payments using credit cards directly inside the SAP client. This removes security holes that may occur with an offline system while at the same time speeding up the payment system dramatically and allowing for the company to have a paper trail as to when payment took place. It also ensures that payments from business consumers get processed immediately so that those companies can then update their own accounts.

Dealing with Problems

We know that while we can plan for most eventualities with a background check, there are some situations that simply arise due to inefficiencies inherent in the system. Delego allows a company to deal with a wide swathe of issues which include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit card payments with regard to split/multiple deliveries and back orders
    Multiple orders and split delivery may need multiple transactions to be registered in the system for each delivered or purchased product. Back order products would similarly require updates on the inventory system which can then be automatically updated to reflect the shipped products.
  • Level II and level III information which needs to be forwarded to clients
    Some clients may require business production information for their own systems in order to determine their own ordering schedules.
  • Original order amount differing from the final sale amount
    Refunds or post-shipping the missing elements may be an option that the company can look into. Alternatively, if the amount shipped is more, the company can look into charging the client for the difference if they so desire.
  • Manual transaction posting and reconciliation in SAP
    Any sort of manual posting and reconciliation within SAP defeats the purpose of implementing the system since it’s supposed to ensure that the entire business is running at a more efficient level than it was prior to having SAP. Delego allows for faster updating of transaction records and enables a more efficient processing system for payments.
  • Safe storage of credit card information for use in future transactions
    There is always the fear that a manually recorded credit card number may be misplaced or fall into the wrong hands. The Delego system ties into SAP and utilizes its security system to perform the necessary checks ensuring that credit card information for clients remains secure and your company remains a trusted seller.

Where Delego Fits

It’s best to think of Delego as a go-between or tunnel between the SAP system and the digital transaction processor. Because of its seamless integration into SAP, Delego can run the transactions required with free background checks for the specific amount which is already determined by SAP and create the receipts which can then be sent to the client with just a few clicks of the mouse. If anything, Delego is exactly what SAP needs in order to operate at a level commensurate with the fast-paced digital transaction world.

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