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Ariba CIG Add-on Series: CIG Overview

Cloud Integration Gateway Overview:

SAP® Ariba® delivers variety of solution in the areas of Supplier Management, Strategic Sourcing, Direct Spend, Supply Chain, Procurement, Financial Supply Chain etc. Each solution has discrete integration strategies. For e.g., Ariba Network can be integration with cXML, EDI, File etc where as Ariba Buying can be integration with Webservices, File etc. If a customer has both the solutions and he has to follow two different approaches to integrate his ERP with the respective system.  This mode of distinct integrations will change in the near future and Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway(CIG) will be the single point of contact for all Ariba cloud solutions.

What is Cloud Integration Gateway?

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway(CIG) enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration(CPI) is an offering that integrates SAP Ariba solutions into existing customer infrastructure. While SAP Cloud Platform Integration is a generic integration platform, SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway specializes in supply chain and procurement processes with a defined set of message types and Ariba interface specific mappings.

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway(CIG) accelerates the integration process by making it simple to connect trading partners, SAP Ariba cloud solutions like Ariba Network, Ariba Sourcing, Ariba Buying, Ariba Contract Management etc. and customer back-end systems like SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA.Intuitive self-service tools let you quickly configure, extend, and test processes, while automated upgrades and monitoring make it easy to keep transactions flowing smoothly.

CIG provides an efficient way to integrate buyer and supplier systems through one gateway to Ariba Network  and Ariba solutions in the cloud. Also, Buyers can leverage the use of their existing integration solutions like SAP Process Integration(PI), Process Orchestration(PO) or Cloud Platform Integration. CIG also enables suppliers to connect once to Ariba Network to integrate with many customers without having to deal with buyer-specific mappings or customized configurations.

CIG can be adopted in just 3 easy steps:

CIG also offers a variety of self-service tools which is used to integrate various transactions flows in just few clicks. It includes:

  • Integration Portal
  • Integration Wizard
  • Developer Tools
  • Test Central Framework

Integration Portal:

Once CIG is enabled in AN buyer account, it will be navigated to a new URL https://integration.ariba.comcalled integration portal. It consists of various sections like Integration Projects, Tools and Transaction Tracker.

Integration Wizard:

Customers are required to create project – a wizard based integration configuration running based on the synchronized data when CIG is enabled in Ariba solution and in SAP ERP/S4HANA. In this project, various configurations like Basic Information, Connection,Mapping, Cross-referencemust be performed.

Developer Tools:

Tools like Schema Validation, Test Transformation, Test Connectivity are available in Integration portal.

Schema Validationtool is to validate the data against B2B standards like UN-EDIFACT, ASC-X12, OAGIS, xCBL, PIDX, GUSI, EANCOM.

Test Transformation tool is to perform the data transformation from the list of provided B2B standards to other format. For e.g., transform the cXML OrderRequest message to OASIS format.

Test Connectivity helps the customer to test the inbound and outbound connections.

Transaction Tracker enables the customer to monitor the inbound and outbound messages towards CIG. Buyers can track the messages based on their Environment Test/Production, Status or Type of the documents or Transaction Numbers.

Test Central Framework:

It has the repository of standard test cases available for the customer testing. Test cases can also be extended as per the customer requirements. It also simulates the response from Ariba supplier.

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  • Thanks for sharing the nice information about CIG. I have a question. Please note I am not a technical person.

    We are using CIG to connect TIBCO. But TIBCO is expecting a value in SOAPAction property in the WSDL. But we were told Ariba CIG do not send any value in SOAPAction property and this is standard. Is there any way that we can pass value in SOAPAction property to TIBCO?


    Appreciate your inputs in this regards.




  • Hi,

    Good blog. One doubt. If a customer is already implemented a custom HCI/CPI solution (RFQ- Sourcing Request integration ) and now want to migrate to CIG, Will the CIG enablement ( will re-direct them to the same CPI instance or it will be a different system itself in the cloud?

  • Dear Kandasami Pirahalathan,

    Thanks for sharing such a brief document regarding CIG.

    I started implemented CIG and successfully integrated transnational data integration SAP ERP 617 with CIG and getting an error ‘java.lang.Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: idOrPartnerId is empty@ line 148 in extractXMLVariables.groovy’  while replicating Quote request to Ariba Sourcing.

    Implemented customer exit for RFQ also and getting confused to find Variant and partition name.

    Could you please help me to overcome from this error.



    • Hi Ashish, It seems some issue with data synchronisation between CIG and Ariba. Could you contact  CIG support? otherwise, try disable and enable Cloud Integration Gateway again.




      • Hi Yogeesh,

        “Variant” – The Unique name for the SAP Ariba Solutions in SAP ERP. Example : VREALM_10
        “Partition” – The Unique name of your site for the Ariba Solutions in SAP ERP : PREALM_10

        Hope it answers your query.


        MD Fazhlay


  • Hi,

    we are using our PI for connecting to CIG and for inbound connection should we open ports on our firewall  so that CIG can connect? Please let me the  know the options to configure the connectivity from CIG to on premises PI system.




    • Hi Harish,

      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, of course, if you would like to expose your PI system directly, you need to open ports. Opening HTTP port would be a security thread, that's why the recommendation is SAP Cloud connector for Inbound traffic. Hope that clarifies you..


  • Kandasami Pirahalathan Hello i am new to ariba and CIG and the blog helped me understand little bit about CIG.I am trying to get a better understanding about the whole architecture and how CIG can be used and configured to do the integration.Do you have any other materials or videos for me to use and also i texted you on facebook for some more information.Please let me know as this is an urgent requirement for me.Thank you in advance

  • Hi Kandasami Pirahalathan,

    Is their any way to check log generated after executing "ARBCIG_MASTER_DATA_EXPORT" program in SAP regarding master data integration for Ariba sourcing as request completed shown by SAP ECC.

    Can see IDoc easily which generated, when i sent RFQ to Sourcing from T-Code "WE02".


    Thanks In Advanced!!



    Ashish Gupta

    • Hello Ashish,

      Yes, you can check it in SLG1(Application Log) and SRT_MONI. But still if you want to check the logs at the communication level, you can record in SMICM (HTTP recording) and look into the logs. You can also check in CIG monitoring portal for further tracking.





  • Hi,

    Do you ever encounter the problem where the web services /sap/bc/srt/xip/arba/ were missing after Addon Installation?

    I am having this problem and even after uninstalling completely and re-installing the latest version of the Addon, the web services are still missing.




  • Hello Kandasami ,

    Greetings !

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful doc .

    I need to implement Ariba Strategic sourcing and integrate to SAP ECC via CIG from scratch .

    Can you please let me know all the steps which needs to be perform or Can you please provide me the document for that ?

    Also as CIG doesn’t support BOM then what is the exact process to implement / integrate BOM also ?


    Thanks & Regards ,

    Devesh Agarwal




  • Hi Kandasami Pirahalathan,

    Currently I'm Working on the Inbound flow where need to send Awarding details from Ariba sourcing to SAP ERP 606 thru CIG.

    Able to send Quote message to Ariba network succesfully and then to CIG but can see failed message in CIG as "No Standard Mapping available for the Buyer AN0*********-T - AN0********-T.. Suggested Action : Please check if the correct AddOn Version has been provided for Basic Data in your CIG Profile. Click on your profile Name -> Select Basic Data -> Check and verify Trading Partner System Information. For further assistance, please contact CIG Support with Error Code : CIG-PLT-00613"

    I checked Payload where only Inbound file which each and every information related to Award details can be extract and there is no outbound file, Could you please suggest is there any mapping configuration in CIG to create Outbound file or any other thing which i missing.


    Thanks Regards

    Ashish Gupta

      • Hi Kandasami,

        I used ARBCI1 only and send basic data details through configuration from SAP ERP to CIG.

        SP level 3 and the same information replicate to CIG correctly.

        I have not done anything in cross reference for the project, Is anything required for the standard flow?


        Thanks & Regards

        Ashish Gupta

  • Hi Kandasami.

    We already use Ariba Network connecting to our S4 using CIG add-on sp002. We also have Ariba Sourcing configured in our site and now we are trying to integrate Sourcing with S4.

    Do you know if the correct way to integrate sourcing is using the same Puser and CIG previously configured for Ariba Network? Only activating it and configuring a new project. In my site, a new Puser, ANID and different CIG were configured and now I am confused if it is the right architecture.

    Thank you.

  • Hi  Kandasami,

    thanks for detail and expertise solution.

    I have one challenge, we are in ECC EHP5 and Support Pack SP06, We are trying to move from CI9 to CIG especially Ariba Network PO automation. When we see the compatibility the  CIG is not compatible  with SAP ECC EHP5 SP06 an its only support EHP5 SP09, is it possible to implement CIG with SAP ECC EHP5 SP06.If yes what could be the challenges.




  • Dear All,

    I would like to know steps which are required to be perform when migrating CIG proejct from test to production environment.

    1. Can i transfer CIG project created in test directly to prod ,if yes what are the changes need to perform before moving to prod (pushing Go-live button)
    2. Or need to create separate project from Prod then how i can transfer custom mapping which are there in test system

    kindly help on proirity


    thank you!



  • Hi Experts,


    We are migrating from CI-9 to CIG and using Ci-9 /ARBA/MASTER_DATA_EXPORT for the Ariba download web service for extracting the pcard information from  Ariba PTP portal. Is there any equivalent process in CIG to extract information from Ariba portal ?