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An easy and useful tool: my experience with SUM MailNotifier during a system update

Dear All,

I recently had to perform a system update for a SAP ECC 6.0 EHP6 from SP04 level to SP21 level and the tolerable downtime for the involved SAP system was concentrated during a weekend, so losing time between different procedure phases was not admissible.

I performed in the past many SAP system updates and an important need was a frequent check of the user interface of the SUM, in order to take an action as fast as possible.

Some important phases are long-running, so it was uncomfortable to continue to access to a PC for a continuous check.

How could I simplify this important check? I remembered reading something about a tool offered by SUM, the SUM MailNotifier, and I decided to try to use it during my update.


SumMailNotifier execution on my PC

As reported into the SUM Upgrade Guide the MailNotifier is a Java-based tool that notifies you by means of an e-mail when the Software Update Manager (SUM) waits in a dialog for a user action.

After the SUM.sar file unpacking I found into the subdirectory ……../SUM/ABAP/mailNotifier these two files:

  1. An executable jar file called MailNotifierApp.jar
  2. A properties file called MailNotifierApp.props

I copied these files from the Application Server where SUM was running to my PC directory.

In order to understand how this tool workd I opened a command line interface and I executed the following command:

java –jar MailNotifierApp.jar properties=MailNotifierApp.props

I noticed that some parameters were requested, so I evaluated the needed modification for the MailNotifierApp.props file.


SumMailNotifier configuration on my PC

I set some important parameters: = <host where SUM runs>
sum.port = 1128 (I’m using HTTP port)

sum.user = <SID>adm
sum.pwd = <password>
sum.sid = <SID of my ABAP system> = <mail server used in my Company>
mail.port = 25
mail.user =
mail.pwd =

mail.from = =

I didn’t modify the check interval (a check every 60 secons)  and check tries parameters.

I started the tool again…….now it works fine!

C:\…….\SUM e SP-Stacks\MailNotifier>java -jar MailNotifierApp.jar properties=MailNotifierApp.props

[14.06.2018 14:47:57]    INFO SumMailNotifier (Version 1.4.15) – starting …

[14.06.2018 14:47:57]    INFO Reading properties from classpath “com/sap/lm/sl/upg/notifier/MailNotifierApp.props”

[14.06.2018 14:47:57]    INFO Reading properties from file “MailNotifierApp.props”

[14.06.2018 14:47:57]    INFO Requesting missing mandatory properties:

Property mail.user:

Property mail.pwd:

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO Properties “SumMailNotifier Properties”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO     check.interval = “60”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO        check.tries = “5”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO         mail.debug = “false”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO          mail.from = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO          mail.port = “25”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO           mail.pwd = “<hidden>”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO   = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO          mail.user = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO         properties = “MailNotifierApp.props”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO  = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO           sum.port = “1128”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO            sum.pwd = “<hidden>”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO            sum.sid = “xxx”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO            sum.ssl = “false”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO           sum.type = “sumabap”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO           sum.user = “xxxadm”

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO SUM Monitor Request URL =

[14.06.2018 14:48:02]    INFO Starting check request …

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Check request successful : <monitor><Task><id>SUM4ABAP</id><displayName>SUM4ABAP</displayName><type>slp.task.type.PROCESS</type><technicalName>SAPup</technicalName><status>slp.task.state.DIALOG</status><globalmode>UPGRADE</globalmode><parent></parent><startedAt>2018-06-09T01:51:53</startedAt><finishedAt></finishedAt><progress>62</progress><refreshRate>0</refreshRate><logs>logs</logs><error></error><progressMessages><ProgressMessage><id>1</id><message>Current Phase: MAIN_DTTRANS/DOWNCONF_DTTRANS</message></ProgressMessage></progressMessages></Task><Task><id>PRE-EXECUTE</id><displayName>PRE-EXECUTE</displayName><type>slp.task.type.ROADMAP.TECH</type><technicalName>PRE-EXECUTE</technicalName><status>slp.task.state.DIALOG</status><parent>SUM4ABAP</parent><startedAt>2018-06-09T01:51:53</startedAt><finishedAt></finishedAt><progress>62</progress><refreshRate>0</refreshRate><logs>logs</logs><error></error><progressMessages><ProgressMessage><id>1</id><message>SAPup waiting in dialog in phase &apos;MAIN_DTTRANS/DOWNCONF_DTTRANS&apos;</message></ProgressMessage></progressMessages></Task><Task><id>MAIN_DTTRANS</id><displayName>MAIN_DTTRANS</displayName><type>slp.task.type.ROADMAP.TECH</type><technicalName>MAIN_DTTRANS</technicalName><status>slp.task.state.DIALOG</status><parent>PRE-EXECUTE</parent><startedAt>2018-06-09T01:51:53</startedAt><finishedAt>not yet</finishedAt><progress>62</progress><refreshRate>0</refreshRate><logs>logs</logs><error></error><progressMessages><ProgressMessage><id>1</id><message>SAPup waiting in dialog in phase &apos;MAIN_DTTRANS/DOWNCONF_DTTRANS&apos;</message></ProgressMessage></progressMessages></Task><Task><id>DOWNCONF_DTTRANS</id><displayName>DOWNCONF_DTTRANS</displayName><type>slp.task.type.STEP</type><technicalName>DOWNCONF_DTTRANS</technicalName><status>slp.task.state.DIALOG</status><parent>MAIN_DTTRANS</parent><startedAt>2018-06-09T01:51:53</startedAt><finishedAt></finishedAt><progress>-1</progress><refreshRate>0</refreshRate><logs>logs</logs><error></error><progressMessages><ProgressMessage><id>1</id><message>SAPup waiting in dialog in phase &apos;MAIN_DTTRANS/DOWNCONF_DTTRANS&apos;</message></ProgressMessage></progressMessages></Task><Task><id>PARALLEL_PROCESSES</id><displayName>PARALLEL_PROCESSES</displayName><type>slp.task.type.INTERNAL_SUBSTEP</type><technicalName>PARALLEL_PROCESSES</technicalName><status>slp.task.state.DIALOG</status><parent>DOWNCONF_DTTRANS</parent><startedAt>2018-06-09T01:51:53</startedAt><finishedAt></finishedAt><progress>-1</progress><refreshRate>0</refreshRate><logs>logs</logs><error></error><progressMessages><ProgressMessage><id>1</id><message>processes: total=6 completed=4 running=2</message></ProgressMessage></progressMessages></Task></monitor>

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Check request id SUM4ABAP -> PRE-EXECUTE -> MAIN_DTTRANS -> DOWNCONF_DTTRANS -> PARALLEL_PROCESSES ()

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Mailer  = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Mailer mail.port  = “25”

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Mailer mail.user  = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Mailer mail.from  = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Mailer    = “”

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Mailer mail.debug = “false”

[14.06.2018 14:48:03]    INFO Sending welcome mail “SumMailNotifier was started (xxx on”

[14.06.2018 14:52:06]    INFO Sending mail “SUM process (xxx on requires action”


MAIL SumMailNotifier started

As soon as SumMailNotifier starts a mail arrives and notified me that SumMailNotifier has been started.

MAIL SumMailNotifier requires action

The update procedure shows me a prompt in the DOWNCONF_DTTTRANS phase and a mail notified me that SUM is waiting for an action/decision

MAIL SumMailNotifier requires action- SPAU is ready!

A mail notified me that the update procedure is ready for the SPAU, so I can immediately ask the ABAP developers to start with their activities.

In my opinion this easy tool is very useful during an upgrade/update, because you do not have to check the user interface of the SUM frequently, which is especially helpful during long-running upgrade/update phases.

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