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Comparison – BPC optimized for HANA vs BPC 10.1 Embedded

This blog briefly draws the comparison between the BPC for S/4 HANA system and Embedded BPC 10.1 version.

Though both the versions offered by SAP are Embedded, this blog draws out the main differences between these.

It comes with S/4 HANA on the same application server. No separate installation required. It is an Add-on on the existing ERP system. Separate installation is required.
S/4 HANA FINANCE is the main source for Planning  and Consolidation and hence provides a ‘Single source of truth’. The ECC system can be one of the many source systems to the BPC system.
The Optimized version has the capability to integrate with UI5 and Fiori Apps The Embedded version can integrate with UI5.
Real-Time data access is leveraged using S4HANA tables and HANA views in the backend (Ex: ACDOCA, ACDOCC, ACDOCP) Here, data access is using traditional ERP tables and Hana views.
Pre-delivered content offers Financial planning Embedded version opens up to any planning process not just financial planning
It requires SAP Accounting powered by HANA license and SAP BPC version for NetWeaver license It requires SAP Business Planning & Consolidation  version for NetWeaver license
Data is written back /stored in S/4HANA tables (Ex: ACDOCP for planning, ACDOCC for consolidation) Data is stored in BW cubes and retraction to source system is done on a need basis
The back-end system is S/4 HANA with Embedded BW The back-end system is BW on HANA


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