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The Clear Advantage For Consultants Learning SAP S/4HANA

As far as business suites go, SAP HANA S4 is one of the most versatile and widespread offering the market has. Companies that adopt SAP HANA S4 for their database processing also buy into a highly streamlined system that utilizes cutting edge technology such as in-memory computing. For a consultant looking at a database processing suite to learn, the obvious suggestion would be to invest some time in SAP HANA S4. The complete package includes plugins and add-ons that can be used to add almost any sort of functionality that a company needs in order to make it efficient at getting its job done. Learning SAP HANA S4 allows consultants to take advantage of these selling points of the SAP software suite.

Immense Scalability

A database solution tends to grow alongside the company that is using said solution. The problem with traditional database solutions is that they require manual installation of more storage and processing in order to handle larger database capacity. SAP HANA S4 allows a company the option of scaling up seamlessly by simply offering larger dedicated processing power to the company to cope with the growth of their databases. Additionally, SAP HANA S4 offers a company dynamic tiering – a method of processing which tends to keep the data that is used most frequently close at hand in RAM. The less used data is removed to disk when RAM capacity needs to be freed up. This type of data management is cost effective and plays to the strengths of installed hardware.

Analysis on the Fly

In-memory technology also allows SAP HANA S4 to process database reports at a speed that is simply incredible. Reports form the basis of a company’s decision-making process and because there is usually downtime before data receipt to data processing and a final report being produced, companies sometimes lose out on opportunities by not being able to respond fast enough. Even basic SAP setups can process data many times faster than a regular connected database and in-memory technology removes loading and transport time between processing hubs meaning that data can almost be processed as soon as it’s received allowing for lighting fast decisions to be made from the reports generated.

SAP Suits Any Need

Probably the best reason why SAP HANA S4 is a useful addition to a company is how adaptable it is. Many large software packages are designed to do one single thing and do it well. SAP HANA S4 not only attempts to do many things well, but also allows users to customize the experience to their liking. The system is compatible with a wide range of processing workstations making it ideal for rolling out on a company which has a diverse network makeup. Its ability to interface with other database systems, software and hardware, lets it fit into the role you need it to fit in. It even uses previously written custom ABAP code with a little code fixing to ensure that it’s compatible with the current ABAP standards.

Juggling Big Data

Big Data usually means a lot of processing, but the SAP HANA S4 system is not only equipped to deal with the largest pool of Big Data you can provide it, but also able to process it like no other database system can. Building on the basis of a database system and incorporating in-memory processing and seamless movement of data between its internal sources, external sources and its processing center, processing time can be cut down and analysis can be done on Big Data in a fraction of the time it would take on non-SAP systems. It can even deal with unstructured data, much like Instagram and other social media apps, making it even more suitable for dealing with the mass of unsorted data which can make up a Big Data set.

Why Learn SAP HANA S4?

Simply put, because it’s such a well-rounded and widespread system. A background in SAP HANA is a useful asset because of the uses of the system in many corporate environments worldwide. For a consultant, knowing as many systems as possible is a necessary skill, but being versed in one that is as ever-present as SAP gives you an edge over the competition. Any business that adapts SAP HANA S4 as its database solution would appreciate a consultant that knows the ins and outs of their database processing suite inside and out.

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