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Access 3rd Party Business Content in SAP Analytics Cloud

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Access 3rd Party Business Content in SAP Analytics Cloud

We are excited to announce that now you can access 3rd Party LoB and Industry Business Content* in SAP Analytics Cloud directly. Here is how you can leverage the know-how of our partners.

[Last updated: 13th of June 2018, SAP Analytics Cloud Version 2018.10.0]


With 3rd Party Business Content, you can now leverage years of domain expertise of our partners for your analytics projects directly in your SAP Analytics Cloud. One click, no further licensing, redirecting to 3rd party websites, etc.

Go to the SAP App Center to find more details, demos, and screenshots for every package:

How to import 3rd Party Business Content?

You can find it in the content library. Go to Browse > Files and click on the content library image.

Now, navigate to 3rd Party Business Content.

Be aware, that in order to access the content library, you must have permissions to read and maintain lifecycle data. The Admin and BI Admin standard application roles contain these permissions.

By clicking on one package, you will find more details including the link to the App Center.

After accepting the terms and conditions, click Import.


When the import has finished, you will find the Content in the folder path My Files / Public / 3rd_Party_Content. All of the Content comes with demo data, so you can review the stories and dashboards right after importing and start customizing.


If you have any questions or remarks, please leave a comment below.

*Partner content is subject to terms and conditions provided by the relevant SAP Partner. Such Partner content is not licensed by SAP and SAP shall not have any responsibility or liability towards Customer for any Partner content.

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  • Hi Christine Angela Virjee,

    thank you for the description of this helpful feature. What is not really clear to me is if the 3rd party content is for try-out and review before you purchase it, or if it is already purchased when you import it? If so, how can already imported packages be removed again?

    Thank you and best regards,


    • Hello Alexander,

      thank you for reaching out: Quite similar to the content provided by SAP, the 3rd party content also comes free-of-charge. You do not have to purchase it, simply accept the terms and conditions set by the partner.

      Our partners see this as an opportunity to show-case their deep understanding of both business scenarios and SAC technology. If a specific packages is appealing for you, you may want to reach out to the company providing it to bring them in for your implementation or for additional content packages that they may offer.

      Hope this answers the question,

      Best regards,

  • Hi Christine Virjee

    I appreciate the explanation in this section of the tool. However I have a question... How can a company (SAP Partner) publish its own content in this section? Are there requirements that need to be met or is there some specific procedure?

    Thank you and a greeting


    • Hello Julian,

      We have a quarterly delivery program for partners business content in SAC. The prerequisites to join the program are to have a valid partnership with SAP and to have a TDD SAC license.

      Then you can join the program when it is launched. Next wave will start in September. If you are interested to join it you can contact me directly and we will share more details.

      Thanks a lot for your interest,



  • Hi Christine Angela Virjee, ,

    Thank you for enlightening us about this amazing feature. I would like to ask you if it is possible to integrate these third party content into our on SAP systems? If yes, may you please guide us through it can you just share the document of how it can be done?

    Your help is much appreciated.