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Now available: SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace for all databases and Dashboard with BW KPIs

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is designed to make customers aware of technical issues in operating SAP systems. The alerts and recommendations of this early warning service can be consumed in a cloud application called SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace, which is live since September 2017 for SAP HANA systems. Now this cloud application is also available for all other databases.

Using the application, you can get an overview of the SAP system landscape based on SAP ABAP Application server and databases. The most critical issues are displayed as alerts with a detailed description how to solve the issues. A full report can be downloaded in MS Word format or viewed in an interactive application that can be personalized and offers e.g. a time travel feature.


A dashboard with the most important KPIs is offered per system including a drill-down into the long-term history. Now this dashboard also includes BW KPIs describing the reporting and uploading workload as well as the busiest times of the day in a heatmap and the number of active users.Top lists for process chains and queries are provided per week.


In case of any issues while using the application open a ticket on SV-SCS-EWA.


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  • Thank you Susanne.

    I have read in other blog for implementing on solman launchpad as, create a URL tile and point to to get the dashboard.

    Questions are:

    1. How do we authenticate our Solman to SAP support?
    2. Is there any app available to in on premise solman to achieve this dashboard without pointing to sap support or a plan in future?
    3. What is the idea behind sending weekly file to SAP and use dashboard from SAP site?

    Sai Battula.

  • Hello Sai Battula,

    1. Only S-User login to SAP ONE Support Launchpad is possible. See also SAP Note 1296615 on how to create a browser certificate for the S-User to avoid the logins.
    2. There is no EWA Workspace or EWA Dashboard App available or planned for Solution Manager on-premise. However, in SolMan 7.20 there is a dasboard builder available to monitor similar KPIs.
    3. The idea is to have a common plattform for customers and SAP Support to evaluate technical system data, e.g. to speed up ticket processing and enhance Service quality.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Susanne,

    two additional Questions

    I)  what systems will be displayed in EWA Workspace... for example   i see no development systems

    II) what is the source of data for the display. We don't marked the EWA in SOLMAN  for transmission to marketplace but in the EWA Workspace are date available. Is it possible to stop this DATA transfer and if yes where ?

    thank's in advance


  • Hello Mr. Hofmann,


    I) Only production systems and test systems can transmit EWA downloads to SAP.

    II) The downloads can come from (a) Solution Manager or (b) from the managed system directly or (c) via the DB connection to a SAP HANA system that already sends data to SAP.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Susanne,

    thank's for quick answer ...

    But how can avoid the transfer early watch data or perfomance data to marketplace, we need there only systemdata for maintenace planner.



  • Hi Suzanne,


    I love this new dashboard an in fact want to use it more.  My small issue is that non-HANA systems only appear once a month.  I would like to have the non-HANA systems weekly as well.

    1.  Is there a way to enable the feed to be weekly and not monthly for non-HANA environments
    2. If not are we able to get this dashboard from within our sol man system itself.



    Dave Cuff


    • Hi Dave,

      you can send the EWA data directly from your non-HANA system instead of from Solution Manager. In this case it is transferred on a weekly basis. See  SAP Note 207223 for an instruction.

      It is also planned to send the non-HANA system data from Solution Manager on a weekly basis, but I cannot give you a timeline for this.

      Best regards,