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SAP Analytics Cloud – how can you display the dimension members in a specific order in charts (remote models)

When you develop SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards, one of the common need (especially for financial people) is to display the dimension members in specific order. The most common example is the months which need to be displayed in a chronological order.
I will explain in this blog step-by-step how you can achieve this in SAP Analytics Cloud using live data connection (HANA or BW).
Let’s suppose you have the data in this format:

If financial people want to report Sales by Month,they are expecting to see the months in a chronological order , but in SAC(by default) will be displayed like this:

How you can solve this issue?

You have to add an additional column in your table where you define the correct order like this:

In SAC, now you can use the Advance sorting option:

Select the column you used to define the order and the way how you want to order:

Click OK.

Now the chart will display the months in the correct order (you defined).

Thanks for reading!

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