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Make batch calls with multiple changeset ids in SAP UI5


There are use cases where you might need to send multiple create, edit and delete request in a single batch. By default UI5 send the multiple request in a single batch with same change sets ids. So if any record fails, all the records are rolled back if changeset is not handled in backend.

With this blog I will show you, how you can send multiple CRUD operation in a single batch with different changeset ids. With different changeset ids all the records will be independent of each other.

Create a master map with following parameter

var mParameter = {
				urlParameters: null,
				success: function(innerdata) {

//This success handler will only be called if batch support is enabled. 
//If multiple batch groups are submitted the handlers will be called for every batch group.
				error: function(oError) {


Create a map for each entry with following parameters

	var singleentry = {
				groupId: "randomgroupid",
				urlParameters: null,
				success: function(innerdata) {
				//The success callback function for each record
				error: function(oError) {

				//The error callback function for each record


For my current use case am reading a complete record from a sap.ui.table and sending it as a POST


//data model contains the table data
//Assign unique changeset id to singleentry
for (var i = 0; i < data.BP.length; i++) { data.BP[i];

				singleentry.changeSetId="changeset "+i;
				this.getOwnerComponent().getModel().createEntry("/Entity", singleentry);


Finally submit the changes



For more details refer :



Mohit Kanoria

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