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Build custom Fiori Client using SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services

One of the most common requirements when mobilizing your applications on SAP Cloud Platform is to have your own custom Fiori Client. In the below video, I have demonstrated how to build a custom Fiori client using new capabilities in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services which are now available to try in the Trial landscape.

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  • Hi Murali,


    I am suppose to build a FIORI Client which should get the Push notifications (along with processing options on the Push notifications) for a on-prem FIORI Launchpad using SAP Cloud Platform mobile services. Will that be achievable using this Cloud build and Push features for a custom fiori client build here?


    Can you put some pointers from your side.



    Phani Poorna Avula

  • Hi Murali,

    Great blog, thanks for sharing!

    After installing the app in my device It showed disable mode and it could not be opened, What is the issue can u please help me.


    Thank you.



  • Hi Murali,

    Thanks for sharing the Blog. I followed the same procedure and tried it in my trial account and that was working good. But when I did it in my production account after installing the application I am seeing a white screen. The application that is added as a destination is not displaying.


    Sai Charan.

  • Hi Murali,

    I've built a custom SAP Fiori Client for Android and installed it, but after launch screen I only get a white screen... No logon screen or anything else... Have you already been through this issue by any chance?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Marco Silva

  • Hi Murali,


    I want to remove the  SAP standard message of (Enter the SAP FIORI URL or your work email address,
    as indicated in the instruction from your IT administrator)in fiori client logon page)


    Is there a way we can modify this message then?