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Author's profile photo Monika Patel

Credit Management in S/4HANA vs FSCM Credit Management

I look forward to hear about your experience in working in s/4HANA Credit Management. Sharing below a comparison of the solution, as per SAP Documents


The need of Credit Worthiness of the Customer, Credit Assessment and the Challenges in managing Credit
• Inconsistency in credit policy: No single source of truth and the information is spread across the organizational systems. Hence within an organization, there is a possibility of a customer getting treated differently by different business units
• Cross-department collaboration: For Credit decision the information required is spread across various departments and communication between sales, credit, and finance department. Getting this information and processing the unstructured info is extremely time-consuming.
• Treatment of new customers: an organization does not have in-house score of a partner who is new customers

SAP Solution:
Historically SAP had two solutions for Credit Management : FI-AR Credit Management and SAP Credit Management.
i.e. ECC FI-AR Credit Management & SAP FSCM Credit management.
The ECC Credit Management triggered thru SD using FI-AR is obsolete and no longer supported in S/4HANA.
In SAP S/4HANA, BASIC Credit management, based on technical foundation of FSCM Credit Management is made available.
In SAP S/4HANA No additional license is required for using “BASIC” Credit Management solution even if it is technically based on FSCM Credit management.
However to use additional functionality like scorecards, automatic determination of limits, workflow, integration of external credit information, Client must acquire License. Lic. is Client specific and related info needs to be checked with Client and SAP respectively. *This blog focuses on the Functional and Technical features available in S/4HANA Credit Management & FSCM Credit Management.

Key Aspects & Components of Credit Management

  • Business Partner : Business Partner (BP) is the defacto object used for Customer and Vendor object in S/4HANA.
  • Credit Scoring : Score & Default Probability helps determine Risk-Class levels (Risk Class 1 : Invoice, Risk-Class II : Check by Ext. Credit Agency, Risk-Class III : Cash on Delivery, Letter of Credit, Adv. Payment)
  • Credit Integration : Automatically populate Credit Bureau Data in Credit-Profile tab of Business Partner, BP-Role Credit-Mgmt. Standard interfaces for Credit Bureau are available in FSCM Credit Management.
  • Workflow : Events to monitor to perform automated actions or routes to Credit Analysts
  • Credit Checking : Select what type of Credit-Check to perform for this customer.

The key difference between ECC Credit Management and FSCM-Credit Management are in areas of

“FI-AR” Credit Management FSCM Credit Management S/4HANA Basic Credit Management Comments : System Conversion
SINGLE-System Credit Checks against a LIMIT you determine Cross system Credit Checks against calculated ratings and limits

** Migration required from FI-AR Credit Management to Basic edition of S/4HANA Credit Management.

Few examples given below

Deleted tables including S066/S067 : SAP Credit Management Config. is created based on existing FI-AR Credit Configuration data

In case of new implementation for existing SAP customers, need to understand the requirement and configure accordingly.

Master Data FI-AR Account Business Partner SAP Business Partner

Migrate Credit-Accounts from FD32 to UKM_BP

In case of new implementation for existing SAP customers, need to understand the DATA-MIGRATION requirement.

BP role for Credit Management
* Choose a rule for calculating a SCORE

*Risk-Class can be automatically or manually set

* Check-Rule – Select what type of Credit Check to be performed for this Customer

FI Data FI-AR FI-AR, FI-CA, Others SAP Business Partner
Monitor Credit Exposure Only for Simple System Landscape (1xFI,1xSD);
SAP System Only
Distributed System Landscape (Multiple FI, SD & CRM systems) ;
SAP & non-SAP
Distributed System Landscape (Multiple FI, SD & CRM systems) ;
SAP & non-SAP
Credit Exposure in FSCM is rebuilt.
Automated Customer Scoring, Ratings and Limits Not Available Credit Rule Engines Not Available * Details will be updated after checking S/4HANA 1709 Solution.
External Credit Information (e.g. D&B) Only thru partner products Any XML based Credit Information Service Not Available in standard
Workflow Only in SD Any Credit Event, Documented Credit Decisions, Credit limit requests Documented Credit Decisions Documented Credit Decisions (DCD) created for blocked Sales Orders
Analysis Customer FactSheets FIORI
Smart Business /HANALIVE, OLAP/OLTP(including BW content)
Smart Business / HANA Live
* Details will be updated after checking S/4HANA 1709 Solut
No XML messages are used : No Commitment-updates are sent from FI-AR to SAP Credit Management. Instead a HANA view reads the AR Exposure in real-time on the fly when Exposure is required in SAP Credit-Management (For credit worthiness check , for Customer reports)Technical details to be checked further and updated

S4HANA 1610, FSCM Credit Management help link

SAP S/4HANA 1709 FSCM Credit Management help link.




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      Author's profile photo Cecilia Gatto
      Cecilia Gatto

      Hi Monika,


      Thank you for sharing that.

      I wonder if you have checked release 1709. Also do you know if Disputes and Collections is included?

      I can only see on scope item BFC under cloud but not under on premise.


      Kind regards,


      Cecilia Gatto

      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel
      Blog Post Author

      1709 - FSCM Disputes and Collections is included as part of S4 Solution.

      Author's profile photo Scheherezade Miquilena
      Scheherezade Miquilena

      Good afternoon, I am presenting the following scenario: The Credit Exposure field is not updated automatically in the BP to which this may be due?

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel
      Blog Post Author


      If the credit check is successful, then the system updates the credit exposure.

      NOTE : However one point to notice --> The Credit exposure update works when there is confirmed quantity in Sales order. If there is no confirmed quantity in the sales order, Credit-check will pass without blocking the sales-order for Credit-limit nor will it update the credit-exposure. Once stock exists and quantity confirmed, the credit exposure update will work fine.


      At the implementation UKM_SD_FSCM_INTEGR1 there are three methods ( FSCM_COMMITMENT_UPDATE_ORDER, FSCM_COMMITMENT_UPDATE_DELVRY, FSCM_COMMITMENT_UPDATE_INVOICE) which prepares credit data and send request to the FSCM-Credit Management (for update data in the table UKM_ITEM).

      The message is generated and sent using the method cl_ukm_xi_facade_r3_50=>if_ukm_commitment_push_r3~push_commitment.


      Further you can check your config as per blog




      Author's profile photo Maurya Vijay
      Maurya Vijay

      is biller direct also part of S/4 HANA?

      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Yes I do see Config-settings for Biller Direct in S/4HANA

      Author's profile photo Nicole Baranov
      Nicole Baranov

      No, Biller Direct is not compatible with S/4HANA. Also, maintenance of Biller Direct will end Dec 2020 (more details here:

      In S/4, SAP does offer a new cloud based solution called SAP S/4HANA Cloud for customer payments for online bill presentment and payment (SaaS):

      Note: The cloud based solution can further also be offered to customers running SAP ECC 6.0 EHP6 or higher

      Author's profile photo Kaushal Thacker
      Kaushal Thacker

      Hello Monica,

      As moving from Credit Management to FSCM Credit Management T code F.31,F.35 and FD32 are getting obsolete.So,as a part of Custom code remediation It will be great help if you through light on T code which which replace F.31,F.35 and FD32.

      Thanks in advance for your help and support.

      Author's profile photo Nicole Baranov
      Nicole Baranov

      Hi Kaushal, please have a look here:

      Author's profile photo Katja Hochreiter
      Katja Hochreiter

      Hey Monica,

      you mentioned in your blog that some functionalities in S4 require an additional License. Are the mentioned functionalities are the complete list:

      •  scorecards
      • automatic determination of limits
      • workflow
      •  integration of external credit information

      Thank you!!


      Author's profile photo Debashish Hajra
      Debashish Hajra

      Hey Monica,


      In S/4 HANA 1809 FSCM Credit management also required additional licence  for below or any other list.

      • scorecards
      • automatic determination of limits
      • workflow
      •  integration of external credit information

      Thank you,



      Author's profile photo Nelson Tovar
      Nelson Tovar

      Hi Monica:

      In the previous version FSCM there was transaction code: F.35. Now in the new version of FSCM there is not a single transaction where all the information of F.35 available. There is an App in Fiori that can view all the information on F.35

      Thanks for your help.

      Best Regards,

      Nelson D. Tovar


      Author's profile photo Gustavo Dominguez
      Gustavo Dominguez

      Hi Monica and Nicole Baranov

      For S4Hana 1909 the landscape is still compose communication between SD, AR and FSCM via PI?