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Abstract: As project lead, development architect or tech-savvy person you are looking for comprehensive examples that showcase how to realize own business solutions on SAP Cloud Platform. This blog introduces the new scenario use case pages on the website that are backed with comprehensive hands-on enablement resources including blueprints, pricing estimates, learning journeys, academy videos, code samples and tutorials.

New Scenario-based Content Offering

Being asked for the best approach towards using SAP Cloud Platform for your business my answer is “scenario-based learning”. Concrete use cases for different application scenarios give you and your team exposure to how other experts solve real-world business cases and the opportunity to hone those skills yourselves.

That’s exactly the intention of our new scenario pages, use case pages and their linked enablement resources we provide on the website starting with SAPPHIRE ’18. Also look at our leading SAPPHIRE ’18 blog on How SAP Cloud Platform Powers the Intelligent Enterprise.

The following diagram illustrates the model and terms of our new scenario-based content offering that can be reached from the new scenario landing page on

  • The scenario landing page provides a central access to different scenarios like Extend LoB Solutions or Integrate the Intelligent Enterprise.
  • A scenario is a high-level instance in which a customer is trying to add business value or solve a particular business challenge.
  • A (scenario) use case is a business scenario that identifies business challenges and how these challenges can be solved with SAP technologies
  • A blueprint provides the mapping of technologies to achieve the outcome with a feasible architecture using SAP Cloud Platform (depicted with solution diagrams). A blueprint document, e.g. Automating Employee Onboarding Processes with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow,  is the central part of the use case documentation. The blueprint and the “Supporting Resources” section on the scenario use case page provide access to a variety of valuable assets for further guidance and more specific technical knowledge, e.g. videos, tutorials, code samples, price estimates, learning journeys or documentation for user assistance.

SAP Cloud Platform Scenarios

We start with the following 8 new scenarios that group together several related use cases (in alphabetical order):

  1. Extend LoB Solutions: Easily extend and tailor SAP solutions to meet unique business needs
  2. Extend the Cloud: Simply build custom extensions and apps with SAP S/4HANA Cloud extensions on SAP Cloud Platform
  3. Extend the Digital Core: Develop flexible SAP S/4HANA extension applications that function across cloud platform services.
  4. Integrate the Intelligent Enterprise: Securely integrate your cloud and on-prem applications
  5. Mobilize Your Business: Deliver enterprise-grade native and hybrid mobile apps
  6. Onboarding: Learn the basics of onboarding your SAP Cloud Platform account
  7. Refresh User Experience: Use integrated services to deliver delightful experiences across multiple digital touchpoints
  8. Unleash the API and Microservice Economy: Open up your business to the outside world via APIs and mircoservices

Every scenario page contains three parts:

  1. High level introduction to the scenario
  2. Related hands-on and tangible SAP Cloud Platform use cases that enable your own realization of the scenario. Use Cases are listed as tiles with solution diagram, title and short descriptions.
  3. Related customer success stories

Use Cases Described as Blueprints

Every use case is described with its own web page that provides a high-level introduction, a solution diagram for the end-2-end architecture, a link to the in-depth SAP Cloud Platform Blueprint document, a “supporting resources” box with links to related enablement assets (videos, code samples, tutorials, learning journeys) and a “Bill of Materials” section with the used SAP Cloud Platform components for licensing considerations. We also integrate the use cases with the pricing estimator that gets filled with all components and services from the SAP Cloud Platform product catalog that are needed for the solution architecture.

We provide the following set 22 SAP Cloud Platform use cases that are associated with at least one of the above 8 scenarios (in alphabetical order):

  1. Achieve Budget and Spend Visibility By Extending SAP S/4HANA: Allow line managers outside the corporate finance function to monitor and actively manage budgets and actual spend with SAP RealSpend, a powerful and easy-to-use tool
  2. Authorizations in SAP Cloud Platform: Restrict access to resources and services based on defined user permissions
  3. Automate Employee On-boarding Processes with Workflow: Integrate SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Business Suite to improve employee onboarding and purchase requisition processes
  4. Build a Custom SAP Fiori-like App for SAP S/4HANA: Develop custom SAP Fiori-like apps to optimize processes and increase employee productivity
  5. Build a Recruitment Travel & Expense Management Dashboard: Build a recruitment travel & expense management report with SAP API Business Hub
  6. Customize Native Mobile Applications Delivered by SAP: Use the mobile development kit to quickly and easily customize SAP Asset Manager
  7. Effectively Mobilize Field Workers with Mobile Services: Effectively mobilize field workers with mobile apps on SAP Cloud Platform, so they can capture job data regardless of connectivity
  8. Empower Field Technicians by Building Apps Using the SDK for iOS: Empowers the workforce to efficiently install, maintain and repair assets in the field, anytime and anywhere, regardless of connectivity
  9. Harness the Power of Social Media Intelligence using SAP Cloud Platform: Provide businesses with competitive advantage and insights into how to reach and engage with their customer base
  10. Implement Effective Electronic Invoicing for Colombia: Allowing companies in Colombia to transmit documents electronically to the country’s tax authority
  11. Improve Annual Review Cycles by Extending SAP SuccessFactors: Use extension capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform to extend SAP SuccessFactors for transforming the conventional ratings and appraisal process in an organization with SAP Talk
  12. Modernizing Employee UX with SAP Fiori Cloud: Effectively increase employee job satisfaction and reduce internal training costs by implementing an intuitive user experience
  13. Monetize your APIs with SAP API Management: Leverage SAP Cloud Platform integration services to quickly and efficiently onboard partners, monetize the usage of partner apps and offload infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership
  14. SAP Cloud Platform Authentication: Corporate Identity Provider: Authenticating user credentials on the SAP Cloud Platform using a corporate identity provider accessible from the Internet
  15. SAP Cloud Platform Authentication: Corporate User Store: Authenticate user credentials on SAP Cloud Platform using a corporate user store within the customers’ on-premise network
  16. SAP Cloud Platform Authentication: Identity Authentication Service: Authenticate user credentials using SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service
  17. SAP Cloud Platform Planning Guide: Learn how to plan and initially get your business started with SAP Cloud Platform
  18. Simplify Benefits Management by Extending SAP SuccessFactors: Use extension capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform to extend SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central with employee benefits management sample extension
  19. Single Sign-On from Application to Application: User propagation between two applications deployed on SAP Cloud Platform
  20. Single Sign-On with SAP Cloud Platform: Principal Propagation: Single sign-on to back-end service using principal propagation
  21. Single Sign-On with SAP Cloud Platform: SAP Assertion SSO Authentication: Single sign-on to back-end service with assertions
  22. Streamline Business Relationships with SAP Cloud Portal: Provide a single point of information for all suppliers using SAP Cloud Portal

SAP Cloud Platform Use Case Finder

Besides browsing the scenario use cases via the scenario anchor pages You can also use the SAP Cloud Platform Use Case Finder to filter by the criteria “Product or “Scenario”:

Blueprint Document and Supporting Resources for Accelerated Learning

SAP Cloud Platform Blueprints are the core elements of every use case description combined with the related enablement assets on the use case web page (listed under “Supporting Resources”: videos, code samples, learning journeys and academy videos). They include the benefits of the solution, the main SAP Cloud Platform components for licensing considerations, and a solution diagram depicting a basic architectural pattern, like this one for the use case “Achieve Budget and Spend Visibility By Extending SAP S/4HANA”:

Blueprints were first introduced in September 2017 and have been further improved with dedicated sections that reflect the main phases and target roles needed to ideate, plan, implement and operate the described solution.

  • IDEATION | Target roles: line of business, leaders/users: Discover an SAP solution that overcomes a specific business challenge
  • PLANNING | Target roles: enterprise architects, project leads: Make technical decisions in terms of landscape and deployment options
  • IMPLEMENTATION | Target roles: developers, administrators, technical consultants: Act, and start completing the steps necessary to go-live
  • OPERATION | Target roles: technical consultants, administrators: Understand, what is required to run the solution, and, where relevant the tools provided by SAP

Every blueprint section for these phases ends with a “More information” box that lists recommend resources from other channels like blogs, technical documents or SAP Cloud Platform Online Help.

All together the Blueprints and the attached enablement assets are effective approaches to successfully realize your own projects on SAP Cloud Platform.

Submit Your Feedback in SAP Customer Influence Session

You can help improving the  SAP Cloud Platform Blueprints with own feedback. Go to the SAP Cloud Platform Enablement Assets influence session and click Submit Improvement to send your feedback or report an error. The SAP Cloud Platform  Product Management team watches this channel to include valuable feedback into the blueprint planning and update process.

Note: to enter feedback in SAP Customer Influence you need to login with your community user.  For more details on user account creation see


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