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2625102 – Report PFCG_ORGFIELD* is obsolete

We used PFCG_ORGFIELD* ABAP reports to maintain the Org Level..

With the sapnote : 2625102, SAP make these reports obsoleted and replaced by SUPO.

As long as you are in the following level, you will not be able to use the PRFCG_ORGFIELD* reports:-

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP 09 (SAPK-75009INSAPBASIS)
SAP NetWeaver 7.51 SP 03 (SAPK-75103INSAPBASIS)
SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP 01 (SAPK-75201INSAPBASIS)

In order to use SUPO, we have two scenarios here.

#1 Upgrading Basis Component

With refer to the following note:

2535602 – SUPO | Documentation and transport connection for organizational level maintenance

Upgrade the Basis Component to the patch level mentioned in the note in order to have the complete functioning screen in SUPO


#2 Without upgrading the Basis Component Patch Level

Implement the notes correction from these sapnotes before using SUPO:

2535602 – SUPO | Documentation and transport connection for organizational level maintenance

2620978 – SUPO: Recording of table entries fails

Go to tcode SUPO. Click   switch to Edit Mode. ( Since SAP provide the complete fix in higher Basis Component Level, thus the current SUPO screen doesn’t looks Users Friendly ).

The following is when the SUPO in Display Mode:

The following is when the SUPO in Edit Mode:

Once you are in the Edit Mode, type the following command in the OK Field and press Enter. ( Command given in the note : 2535602 )


A new line will be created. For Example, I’m adding the Release Group at the bottom:


Press Save / Crtl +S and it will prompt you a Transport Request. Following tables will be updated :



You can now create Custom Role and the Org Level Field will be shown


Thank you.

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  • I've tried to promote PERSA to organizational level field and it works 🙂

    Now I have a doubt: since I have a lot of roles with PERSA field in authorization object (P_ORGIN), if I promote it to organizational level field, can I avoid to re-edit all these roles?

    In other word, can I do the job of adjusting all the roles impacted in a second time (maybe during the next year) and use the new organizational level field in new roles?


    Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english


    • Hi Cristian,


      Sorry for replying late.

      Technically, you do not need to amend/update all the roles which having that particular auth field which you have promoted as long as it is not being used.

      However, it is a good practice for you to maintain it if is a production environment instead of leaving it as an unmaintained org level.

      Bear in mind that, if the existing roles has been using the auth-field before you promote, then you must 'update' it after the org level promotion or else the roles will not work anymore.


      Best Regards,

      Ken Kwan