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2625102 – Report PFCG_ORGFIELD* is obsolete

We used PFCG_ORGFIELD* ABAP reports to maintain the Org Level..

With the sapnote : 2625102, SAP make these reports obsoleted and replaced by SUPO.

As long as you are in the following level, you will not be able to use the PRFCG_ORGFIELD* reports:-

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP 09 (SAPK-75009INSAPBASIS)
SAP NetWeaver 7.51 SP 03 (SAPK-75103INSAPBASIS)
SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP 01 (SAPK-75201INSAPBASIS)

In order to use SUPO, we have two scenarios here.

#1 Upgrading Basis Component

With refer to the following note:

2535602 – SUPO | Documentation and transport connection for organizational level maintenance

Upgrade the Basis Component to the patch level mentioned in the note in order to have the complete functioning screen in SUPO


#2 Without upgrading the Basis Component Patch Level

Implement the notes correction from these sapnotes before using SUPO:

2535602 – SUPO | Documentation and transport connection for organizational level maintenance

2620978 – SUPO: Recording of table entries fails

Go to tcode SUPO. Click   switch to Edit Mode. ( Since SAP provide the complete fix in higher Basis Component Level, thus the current SUPO screen doesn’t looks Users Friendly ).

The following is when the SUPO in Display Mode:

The following is when the SUPO in Edit Mode:

Once you are in the Edit Mode, type the following command in the OK Field and press Enter. ( Command given in the note : 2535602 )


A new line will be created. For Example, I’m adding the Release Group at the bottom:


Press Save / Crtl +S and it will prompt you a Transport Request. Following tables will be updated :



You can now create Custom Role and the Org Level Field will be shown


Thank you.

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      Author's profile photo Cristian Bartolini
      Cristian Bartolini

      I've tried to promote PERSA to organizational level field and it works 🙂

      Now I have a doubt: since I have a lot of roles with PERSA field in authorization object (P_ORGIN), if I promote it to organizational level field, can I avoid to re-edit all these roles?

      In other word, can I do the job of adjusting all the roles impacted in a second time (maybe during the next year) and use the new organizational level field in new roles?


      Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english


      Author's profile photo Ken Kwan
      Ken Kwan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Cristian,


      Sorry for replying late.

      Technically, you do not need to amend/update all the roles which having that particular auth field which you have promoted as long as it is not being used.

      However, it is a good practice for you to maintain it if is a production environment instead of leaving it as an unmaintained org level.

      Bear in mind that, if the existing roles has been using the auth-field before you promote, then you must 'update' it after the org level promotion or else the roles will not work anymore.


      Best Regards,

      Ken Kwan

      Author's profile photo Donva-Anne Nel
      Donva-Anne Nel

      Thanks for this.


      Please add the deleting of the Org level....