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Hello Community,

especially in context of the 8.0 upgrade it might become an important topic to cleanup the user favorites in order to remove deleted tasks (forms) instead of those items remaining grayed out forever.

Here is a quick guide of what to do in order to automatically remove obsolete favorites from users by job:



  1. Create a job.
  2. Add a script with the code shown below.
  3. Add a pass of type “To Identity Store”
    1. In Source tab select “SAP Identity Management Database” as source and add the SQL Query shown below (the “with (nolock)” part has to be removed if the database is not MS SQL).
    2. In Destination Tab set the following attributes:
      2. changetype = modify
      3. MX_USER_PREFS = $FUNCTION.z_removeObsoleteUserpreferences(%MX_USER_PREFS%)$$

SQL Query to get all users from database, that have user preferences stored inside the database and the Base64 encoded value of the preferences in attribute MX_USER_PREFS:

 from idmv_value_basic with (nolock), idmv_entry_simple with (nolock)
 where mcEntryType = 'MX_PERSON' and mcMSKEY = mskey and attrName = 'MX_USER_PREFS'
 and searchValue not like '!<MD5%'

Script z_removeObsoleteUserpreferences

 * 2018-05-30 SAP NN: Loop through user preferences and remove deleted tasks
 * Input: List of preferences
 * Output: Cleaned up list of preferences

function z_removeObsoleteUserpreferences(Par) {

if (Par) {
 var prefs = uFromBase64(Par);
 var result = "";
 uWarning("Preferences to be checked: [" + prefs + "]");
 /* sample user preferences text data
 #--No header--
 #Mon May 28 16:41:01 CEST 2018
 EntrySearchComp.Favorite.4.4=1011922|-100|Change Identity
 EntrySearchComp.Favorite.4.3=1011910|0|Create Identity
 EntrySearchComp.Favorite.4.2=1012630|-100|Display Identity
 EntrySearchComp.Favorite.1.2=1012693|0|Create Business Role
 EntrySearchComp.Favorite.1.1=1012729|-100|Modify Business Role
 var prefArray = prefs.split("\n");

result += prefArray[0] + "\n" + prefArray[1]; // first lines static (header and time stamp)

// loop through props and remove obsolete tasks
 // start from 3rd line (first 2 lines are static)
 // last line is empty

for (ipa = 2; ipa < (prefArray.length - 1); ipa++) {

if (prefArray[ipa].indexOf("EntrySearchComp.Favorite.") != -1) { // only check the value if it is a favorite

var taskid = prefArray[ipa].split("=")[1].split("|")[0];
 uInfo("Checking existence of task [" + taskid + "]");
 var count = uSelect("select count(taskid) from mxp_tasks where mcObsoletedGuid is Null and taskid = " + taskid);
 if (count == "0") {
 uWarning("Task [" + taskid + "] got removed from DB");
 } else {
 uInfo("Task [" + taskid + "] still valid task");
 result += "\n" + prefArray[ipa];
 } else {
 uInfo("Entry [" + prefArray[ipa] + "] not a task preference");
 result += "\n" + prefArray[ipa];

result += "\n";
 uWarning("Result for [" + prefs + "]: [" + result + "]");
 return uToBase64(result);
 } else {
 uSkip(1, 1, "no prefs on user");

What this script does is:

  1. Decode the value of user attribute MX_USER_PREFS.
  2. Loop through the text value from 3rd line (first 2 lines are static text).
    1. If the current preference is a favorite, check whether the task still exists in database (yes we are looking for task IDs, not for task GUIDs, but the IDs in the user preferences are updated by the transport tool, when they change).
    2. If the task ID does not exist anymore, do nothing.
    3. If it is not a favorite or the task id does exist, add the current line to the result set.
  3. Return the new Base64 encoded value for MX_USER_PREFS


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  1. Matt Pollicove

    Great post, Norman, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to using this. As useful as it can be in production, it will be almost more useful in my DEV and SANDBOX environments where things change all too quickly!




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